Tuesday, June 8, 2010

winding down

After today we have 6 days left in the school year!!! *happy dance*
We teachers have to come in on that Fri. to close up our rooms etc. then we are free till late August. I have to pack up my room because I was told my room will be changing, so I will...

I have been pretty busy lately and next week will be very busy...most likely I will not have time to blog till school is over... the beginning of summer vacation always fills me with a sense of hope- usually I plan several jobs I want to complete around the house, but invariably I never get to them... this years list includes:   
  • Repaint the powder room
  • Repaint the finished basement + bathroom
  • Clean out my kitchen cupboards
  • Repaint our kitchen table base (with the paint I've had for about 2 yrs....)
  • Clean out /organize our garage
  • Walk/run every day- OK not a job per se but it feels like one!

Will I get to any of my list?

Well the walk/run- maybe not EVERY day, but hopefully at least every other day!

If I am honest, most likely the only one I will get to is repainting the powder room- only because I can no longer stand the way it looks....

Guess I could term myself a "ambitious procrastinator"!

Summer Va Kay here I come!

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  1. I know the last day of school is more exciting for teachers than even for the kids. I don't know how you can hold in your excitement as the last kid walks out those doors!