Tuesday, September 6, 2011


I am finally back after being away all summer. My summer was so unbelievably busy - you cannot even imagine.
Over the course of June, July & August I was only home 2 full weeks all summer. I traveled quite a bit. In June I flew to Atlanta for 8 days visiting my sister in law & her hubby. There were all kinds of issues traveling there & back, but the visit itself was wonderful! The girls flew down and joined us for 5 of the days and we took them along with us to visit Savannah, GA for 3 days and 2 nights.

We got home just before 4th of July weekend then we left and went to our cabin in the mountains for 5 days. The rest of July we traveled back to the cabin each weekend for 3-4 day weekends.

Then the last week of July I drove my 72 y/o mom to Maine to visit my aunt. (9 hrs. UGH) My uncle passed away and they had a memorial service the 30th. We came home on Monday Aug. 1st and then I had 4 days to prepare for Jenny's engagement party/pig roast. (we had 50+ ppl) All went well and after that I FINALLY had a week @ home.

Then I had to take Stef down to JMU and stayed 4 days.
Whew! It makes me tired just rehashing it all!!

Now I am back at work and on a schedule again... so hopefully I can be more regular with my posts!


  1. Squeeeeeeee! I had to rub my eyes this morning when I saw your name in my inbox. Yippppeee! Duke Mom#1 is back.

    And I was tired reading about your summer - goes so fast, doesn't it? Before we know it the holidays will be here. Eek!

    Sorry to hear your Uncle passed away, but I know you Mom appreciated all you did.

    Now where are the pics from the party? [Didn't think I was going to let you off the hook, didja'? heehee

    I am so happy you are home. Hugs to you!

  2. You need a summer vacation from your summer vacation!