Friday, November 25, 2011

MOB shopping

So today I did it...
I finally went out shopping for my mother of the bride dress....
I have been dreading it... putting it off.... because I am not happy with how I look these days...

Jenny and I went out... the first place we went to... all I can say is BLAH... 
talk about matronly dresses... YIKES!

My mood headed south as I tried a few on... and the expense... holy cannoli!

So we moved on to David's Bridal...
Wow what a great selection! AND  *drumroll* ... SUCCESS!!!!

I found it... the DRESS! (and it was very affordable!!!!!!)

Take a peek-

I LOVE IT! & the color will be great with my coloring!!!!


  1. No kidding that is going to look fabulous with your coloring and your hair. Model it please! heehee

    Can't wait to watch the game tomorrow and look for Cheerie! Have fun.

  2. Beautiful! My niece recently got married and her mom wore navy, a great MOB color. Gorgeous!