Friday, February 17, 2012

11 questions and 11 random facts about me...

I was tagged to answer 11 questions by Skippy over @ I Make Soap and then to provide 11 random facts about myself. I honestly don't think I have that many people who read my blog  since I do not blog on a regular basis-so I am not going to tag anyone-but Skippy here ya go...

Skippy’s 11 questions:
1.  What is your favorite childhood memory? Hmmmmm… this one was tough. I would have to say my favorite childhood memory is time spent with my mom playing beauty shop and “doing” her hair and makeup on our screened in porch. I was around 7.
2.  What is your dream job? My dream job would be to be self-employed and to be able to work from home doing something artistic or maybe as a party/wedding planner.
3.  Who is your best friend? Besides my hubby; Tobie- she was my college roommate- no matter how long we have been apart we can pick up like we had just talked the day before. I miss her daily as we do not live close to each other.
4.  Have you ever been finger printed? Why? No
5.  Have you ever been at fault in a car accident? No
6.  If you could be a citizen of any country other than your own which would you choose? I would probably choose Canada, because I feel it is most similar to the US.
7.  If you could have one talent which would earn you money, which would you choose? I think I would enjoy being either a wedding planner or an interior decorator and spending other people’s money.
8.  What thing do you find to be highly overrated?  Why? Pro sports, I think it is indecent the amount of money spent on sports salaries, especially with the state of our economy right now.
9.  Who did you like better growing up - your Mom or your Dad? Hands down my mom, she was and still is my rock. I love her to death and rely on her wisdom. She rarely if ever yelled- she and I are very close.
10.  How often do you laugh? Not often enough unfortunately.  I actually cannot remember the last time I REALLY laughed hard about something.
11.  What is your favorite holiday? I would have to say Christmas- because I enjoy everything about the holiday and it is a time when we generally get to see more of our family. Plus I enjoy going to church on Christmas Eve, and then the excitement of the kids opening their gifts the next day.

11 Random facts about me:

1.   I have been told that I have an excellent singing voice.
2.   My favorite color is blue- a turquoise blue like the ocean in the Caribbean.
3.   I am DEATHLY afraid of snakes. The only good snake is one you can wear (aka boots) or carry (aka a purse).
4.   My favorite fruits are strawberries & blueberries.
5.    I do not like rides at amusement parks and am terrified of roller coasters.
6.    I can touch my nose with my tongue.
7.    I love to swim and really love it when I have the opportunity to go snorkeling.
8.    I used to wear only Fendi perfume all the time- until they stopped making it... and now wear only Juicy Couture "Viva La Juicy"..
9.    I would love to own (or retire to) a home in the woods overlooking a large lake.
10.  I enjoy cooking and baking if I have the time to do it at my own pace- I do not enjoy  having to whip something up quickly.
11.  I usually “talk” for my dogs at home and have been known to carry on conversations with immediate family members talking as one of our pups. ;)


  1. I cant stand roller coasters either. Nothing worse than being tipped upside down at speed.

    So frustrating when they discontinue your fave perfume and you have to find another

    Great post, love finding out new things about people

    “Lizard Happy”

    (not sure if you know but the captchas are now doubles, your blog but they are a bit annoying)

  2. 5,6,9 and 11 are why we are such buddies! heehee

    Thanks for answering. I love your answers and random facts. Hope all is well in your part of the world - and btw - with all these trips to JMU, why haven't I bumped into you at least once? We need to plan these better. heehee


  3. You and I are very much alike, I also have been told I sing well, I hate rides, and I talk to animals. And your mom sounds a lot like mine. :)