Friday, September 21, 2012

Staying put!

This weekend is the first weekend in a month that we do not have to go ANYWHERE!

I am pretty excited... I enjoy visiting my kids and friends etc. but traveling every weekend means I have to do all the laundry during the week, as well as the grocery shopping etc. It means long trips driving and no sleeping in.

This weekend means time to putter around and do whatever I want, when I want- even if it is nothing at all! :)

I have a few jobs around the house that need done & some garden clean up that I really need to get on before the weather turns colder.

Additionally I really NEED to get my butt back in gear and get back to my running/jogging/shuffle ;)... I have slacked off these past few weeks. I gave myself the month of Sept. to get my school year started and allowed myself some slack, but now it is time to get back "on". I've been doing pretty well food wise, but I know that everything could head south if I do not get refocused and I have worked too hard to allow that to happen!

So here's to a good weekend! Make the most of it! ;)

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