Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Why can't mom's have a Facebook?

Why is it that some of my kids feel threatened that I have a Facebook?

My oldest & youngest had no problem "friending " me when I sent the request, but #2 child was a holdout for over 3 weeks.

So to me this appears to open the question of why? What could there be on your Facebook that I can't see? Bad language? Please- I have heard it and probably said much of it myself at one time or another. Pictures? Again- been there- done that... well not on the internet, but they seem to forget that I too was young once and sowed a few wild oats of my own.

I held out for a long time before I made my own Facebook page. I knew that it would not be a popular decision with at least one of my kids. The thing I found really funny however was that once some of their friends found out that I had a Facebook- they friend requested me... I mind my own business (for the most part)- ok sure sometimes I look at theirs... like when I get a email notice that they have put up pictures, or that they have commented on something I have up on mine, but honestly for the most part I use mine to share pictures etc. with family & friends. The whole setup makes it very easy to share photos with family. Sending pictures via email is really a pain and so time consuming...

The first day I had mine up and sent out friend requests I found a message from #1 child... "OMG you even have a status"... now first of all, I didn't know what a status was at first (and for those of you who don't know it is the statement at the top where you put what you are thinking/doing) but she thought it was hysterical that I said I was ready for summer vacation. You should see some of the things kids put up as their status... example- "study, shower, bed" or "going to mall"... they seem to have no qualms about putting personal stuff up on their pages... I fully expect that at some point someone will put up... "taking a shit".

I've also added "flair" to my page- Flair are little buttons that have sayings on them which are funny/cute etc. I just like them, kind of like bumper stickers... I don't understand why my kids seem to think this is all beyond me.... they have no idea just how computer savy their mom really is... I mean I maintain the department web page for work.

Anyway... bottom line... I have one....and now I've signed up MY mom for one....

Hmm wonder if I could make one for my dog Buffy (a.k.a. #4 child who never talks back and is perfect!)She'd probably end up with more friends than I have....

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