Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Christmas on crack

This house  is not the guy up the street from me but it might as well be...

The guy three doors up from me has begun putting out his Christmas display. Now really "display" in reference to his yard is somewhat of an understatement I guess I should say extravaganza.

This guy has so many Christmas decorations in his yard and on his house that it looks like the North Pole on crack. His decorations can no longer be contained to just his front yard, but also his side and back yard as well. (Thank God I don't live next door to him)

The light his decorations put off is bright enough to look like a small town, really... It's like when he flips the switch to turn everything on- the rest of the neighborhoods lights probably flicker in and out....due to the power surge.

So honestly, what is with these people who go so over the top? I don't get it... I decorate every year, but my house looks sad modest by comparison... does this guy believe in the whole bigger is better mentality?

This house  is also not  up the street from me but it might as well be...

My daughter said she one overheard one of his kids say that their dads display extravaganza mortified embarrassed them. Duhhhhhhhh......
Don't get me wrong... I LOVE Christmas... love decorating my home both inside & out, but I guess just not to this extreme. So how much money does one of these extravaganza's (I just love that word don't you?) cost??? Enough to probably feed a third world country for a week at least.... When you figure out the cost of each decoration (and those things aren't cheap) then the wiring necessary, the electricity... holy cow your racking up big bucks!

I was driving by their house a couple of weeks ago and he happened to have his garage doors up and his Christmas stuff took up half of a two car garage.... he was walking around with a clip board- (maybe he was itemizing his stuff)... I'll give the guy credit, he does spend an inordinate a lot of time and effort on his display extravaganza. Each night I know I will see him outside...adding to...checking his decorations. He usually has it finished by the beginning of December.

So what is it that drives someone to go so over the top to such lengths? What was is lacking in their lives that they have to make this kind of statement?

This house  is not the guy up the street from me but it might as well be... 
Do these people really love Christmas that much or is it a challenge to see just how god awful  nice they can make their home look each year? Do they want to spread the joy of the holiday season or just show everyone else up? Are these guys (and it is usually a guy) like those guys who buy a corvette cuz they have small dicks are lacking and feel the need to compensate? I just don't get it...

This house  is not the guy up the street from me but it might as well be...
I am feeling the pressure...*sigh*
I am afraid my home extravaganza display is going to be inadequate yet again this year...

*Foot note* These pics were found when I googled "tacky Christmas lights" ( I feel somewhat vindicated by the term "tacky" :)


  1. That last pic' hurt my eyes. I can't even imagine what that looks like in real life. ick.

    I guess it is the old "Keeping up [or surpassing] the Jones" mentality. No one is going to out do your neighbor - he will make sure of it.

    I wish Christmas would stay in December where it belongs. We already have to deal with the cold weather we should've received come December in Oct/Nov - I don't need that holiday usurping my beloved Thanksgiving.

  2. I like your Corvette reference. I tell my daughter that about all the drivers who cut me off in traffic.

    Knowing how much work it is to put a few strings of lights on the bushes and get them to light up when I plug them in, I can't IMAGINE what is going through these people's minds, who do the above decorations.

  3. I am completely defeated by the outdoor Christmas decorating process. I am a smart and capable woman. I can do lots of stuff -- but I just don't have the gene for hanging so much as a twinkle light on a rain gutter. How do they do it? And (at least in my neighborhood) I never see anyone actually doing the work. One day their lovely Thanksgiving cornucopias decorate the doors, and the next -- Christmas extravaganza!

    I can only bow down in awe.

    On a related note -- any tips for how to hang a wreath on a glass front door? Remedial Christmas decorating tips -- that's what I need!

    Sorry this is so long -- I love your blog! Thanks for visiting mine!

    Liz @

  4. Wow! These are amazing but definitely a little over the top. There are a few houses I know of near my mum's who have a collosol amount of decorations and they charge for people to look at them - the money goes to charity (so they say!).

    I love Christmas and can't wait to get our decs up.

    CJ xx