Monday, May 3, 2010

The mind is willing

This past weekend was proof positive that I am getting older. I had such high expectations of all the yard work I was going to accomplish this past weekend. (yeah not so much)

Ten to 15 years ago I was able to prepare my flower pots, go buy the necessary soil, plants, come home get it all planted, watered and cleaned up- all in one weekend.

Twenty years ago I could do all of that- PLUS prepare the flower beds as well as my vegetable garden, buy all of the needed plants/flowers and plant them all in one weekend.

This is not happening now.

Friday night I weeded my flower beds, sprayed some of the weeds that are particularly TOUGH.

Saturday I went to three different places looking for plants for my flowerpots. Unfortunately they did not have out their full selection of stuff because we can still have frost through the 15th. I was able to buy some herbs and some potting soil. However getting the potting soil into my car turned into a major undertaking.

Holy shit, when did I get so weak?

I almost didn’t get the two bags into the back of my car… and I was doing a lot of groaning etc. when I did get them in. And don’t think it did not escape my notice that some man walked right by while I was trying to get the stuff into my car and didn’t even offer to help. (Asshole)

Sunday came and I got my son to move around the pots for me (because I just can’t lift them without straining something anymore). He also had to get the soil and put one bag on the wheelbarrow for me and the other into the shed. I then planted my parsley, rosemary & basil and then transplanted some plants that were getting way too big to another area. By the time I did all of this and watered everything I was exhausted and grumpy. (In my defense it WAS in the low 90”s and humid). I finally went in, showered, then lay down and promptly fell asleep.

So now I am waiting for my daughter Stefanie to get home from college to help me go buy flowers and plant them. Luckily she likes that kind of thing.

It is very frustrating when you have been used to doing a lot of your own yard work etc. when you finally realize that you simply cannot do it the way you used to. The last time I did the mulching was three years ago- I could barely walk for almost a week after. I am sure in the next few years I am going to slowly experience this sort of thing more and more. The mind is willing- the body is not!

Thinking back- I can remember being 29 and eight months pregnant and I dissembled a full size bed and moved the mattress, box spring, head boards… everything -all alone! (Jeff was NOT happy with me- but I was “nesting”!)

So for now I will pace myself… and call our landscaper and see if he can do the mulch for us soon.

If you see someone in our garden it will be me; I'll be the old broad puttering around with the hat.


  1. I know what you mean. You gotta start the arm weights, we do waste away.

    Once you hit 50, worsens every year.

  2. I hate this - I look at the tasks at hand [super spring cleaning the kitchen for example] and know better. I guess it is life's way of telling us to take it slower and enjoy a bit more, we earned/deserve it?

    I know your yard will look lovely - please take pride in the fact you did have all those years that you did do it yourself and this now your payoff to get the assistance, right?

    We went plant shopping yesterday too - I don't plant anything because I would kill it LOL - but I like to create baskets for Mother's Day and let my ILs try and keep them alive :D

  3. Hi Rudee. Ya know, I think heat and humdidity affect us more as we get older? I find they do affect me. Its not all physical weakness, I dont think. Good for you, getting your garden in shape for summer. It must be fun to have very noticeable seasons (tho not so fun to have such a long winter). xxooo

  4. I am SO glad someone else said this! I've been wondering, for the past 10 years, how it can be that the days are so freaking short now. I was just telling someone that when my kids were 6, 2 and an infant, I made homemade bread, cooked dinner every night, cleaned my house, ironed everything in sight, took the kids to the park or somewhere every single day, did needlepoint, read books, volunteered at the school, and I single-handedly made all the cookies for my nephew's wedding reception, and hosted the big family brunch the day after the wedding.

    Now, I'll often turn to my husband and say, "You know, if I didn't have so much to do, I'd like to start needlepointing again." SO MUCH TO DO? What the hell? I'm lucky if I can accomplish one thing in a day.

    Oh, and like you, I used to be able to lift heavy things. ("I'm small but strong" I used to tell people) Now I'm always looking around for someone to help me do heavy work.

    This was not part of the Getting Old contract.

  5. I don't know when it happened either but my mind is screaming all kinds of curse words at my body these days.