Saturday, September 11, 2010


Today my best friend Tobie & I went into Philly to the Women of Faith Conference.. It was a day filled with laughter & tears.

To many people this would be one of those oh, that's nice kind of thing.. how sweet etc.. but this was really a life changing experience for both of us because Tobie was brought up Jewish.

Recently she shared with me that she has been having a lot of thoughts about the possibility of switching and becoming a Christan. I mean it is kind of a conundrum- I mean Jesus WAS Jewish....

She has lots of questions (to which I do not have all the answers) & she is searching for a spiritual path to follow and has begun questioning what she has always believed to be true.   

It was amazing today to be able to share this with her, and it was if God was reaching out to her over and over again throughout the day. Many of the topics discussed during the day were issues she has dealt with or is dealing with right now- it actually became kinda creepy.

During the lunch break we were talking about some of what was said and she told me she didn't "feel worthy" -that she had made many mistakes in her life, and why would God "want her"? It was amazing...after the break the next speaker discussed how God will forgive any sin if you just believe.... that we are all "worthy" of his love- all we have to do is ask for it.... it gave me chills..... 

We came out of the conference uplifted and overwhelmed at the same time... this weekend gave us both lots to think about.   It was a wonderful experience to be able to share with my best friend and I will treasure this weekend forever.     We then drove home and had some wine together... ;)  our own little private communion...;)  

All kidding aside today was AWESOME! I hope we can go again next Sept.!


  1. This is such a beautiful post. It sounds like an awesome day. Very rewarding for all involved.

    [Can I just add? Go Duuuukes! Can you believe it?] hee

  2. I love the Women of Faith conference. I haven't been for a few years but always came away uplifted, inspired and forever glad that I had the experience.

  3. Good luck to your friend. There are so many rewards for those who seek spiritual fulfillment. And that's as serious a statement that I want to make this week. Now, back to your regular, silly programming.