Tuesday, October 12, 2010

the latest in fall accessories

Do you have the latest accessory for fall????


Oh I guess that means you are NOT a klutz like me... *sigh*

Sprained my ankle Sat. en route to my sons football game... I did however suck it up and stayed for the WHOLE game! (Impressed?)

As a sign of unity Cali was laying smack up against me... see her leg to the left of mine? 
However hers is unhurt...
mocking me....


  1. Oh sweetie, are you okay? That is awful but you are a good Momma for staying through the game.

    I have to say the puppy paw is kind of funny, sorry, but IT IS.

  2. Blech. I did read something about opaque tights being in...so you just need a matching one on the other leg. Or you could buy some leg warmers and a banana clip and call it vintage.

  3. But your toenails are painted! You rock.

  4. OMG I have to laugh because when I first saw Cali's "leg" i thought it was a human leg, and I let out a little squeal of horror...it is a dog leg...right?...please tell me I'm right?

  5. Thank heavens you inherited your mothers cute toes !!! Sorry for the owie...LOL, You know who?

  6. I crack up every time I see this pic!! lol Cali's leg was hurt too she said!!!! lol I love this pic!!