Friday, October 22, 2010

Jam packed weekend

So it is Friday afternoon and I have about 45 minutes till my weekend officially begins. As per usual I am headed to DE to see hubby , my son (QB1) & Tyreik for the weekend.

This weekend is going to be jam packed. Tonight my SIL & BIL fly up from Atlanta for the weekend and tomorrow my other SIL drives in as we have two football games to go to.

QB1 in action
#1 game starts @ 1:00 PM for my son (QB1)- this is a BIG game for his team, but unfortunately he is not 100% b/c he sprained his shoulder during last weeks game and was in a sling until Wed. Most likely he will not be able to throw much, but should be able to hand off. It sucks because last week there were 2 colleges there to see him and he ended up getting hurt :(

Cheergirlie in action
Then we have to drive 45 min. to be @ Villanova to see our daughter (cheergirlie) cheer for JMU. That should be a good game since Villa is ranked #1 (I think). Unfortunately she won't be able to stay around after the game and will have to drive back to school with her squad- but it will be great to see her for however long we can. Cheergirlie got kicked @ practice last Sun. night and had to get x-rayed to be sure she did not break her collar bone (she didn't) AND her knee is out of whack (think possible torn meniscus/surgery in her future???) She insists that she is fine, but she also sports an elbow sleeve & an ankle brace and is pretty much refusing to wear a brace on her knee for fear of looking like Bionic cheergirlie.

The "girls" doing what they do best- chillen'
Add to all of this packing up the two pups(+ their stuff) - bedding for our "company, some food to take with us and it rounds out the weekend nicely :)


  1. I hope the kids are better soon - nothing worse than an injured kid - but they seem to be doing great! What an awesome weekend you have planned - it sounds like such fun.

    Say an extra cheer for us - we won't make it to Villanova, but I am sure we can find it somewhere to watch and we will keep an eye out for Cheerie! Good luck to your son too, hope it heals soon.

  2. I think packing up the pups/very large yet gorgeous dogs would be a chore in itself!
    Hope all gets well soonest.

  3. Remember: Busy is good. I have to keep saying that mantra sometimes. I'd rather be frazzled-busy than bored. Keep up the good work, Mom! :)