Friday, November 12, 2010

my hippie geologist

My daughter "the cheerleader" @ JMU is a Geology major. What will she do with that you ask? Well, specifically she wants to become an Enviromental geologist. I looked up what they do & this is what I found:  

"An environmental geologist is a geologist who studies the interaction between humans and the natural environment, and the impact of various human activities on the environment. 

Environmental geologists work to keep the environment safe and healthy while also making it accessible and useful for people."  

The other night she called me on the phone and we talked for an hour about her major and what we are doing to the planet. She said the more she learns the more of a "hippie" she is becoming...

I love that she is passionate about what she is studying and some of the stuff she was telling me I had never even heard of... I am learning about some issues like mountain topping.... She also posted the following link on face book about some of our food supplies.

A mountaintop mining operation in West Virginia

It's scary when you hear about stuff like this and it makes me think- where the hell have I been that I have never heard about some of this stuff?


  1. Good for your daughter. We need more "hippies" who are speaking out with authority about issues like mountain top mining. I lived in Kentucky and it's a sin what they're doing there. Of course the land owners need the money - they're poor. They almost have to take it and allow this horrible murder of the landscape and the environment.

  2. Scary - isn't it Barb. Hopefully generation and the next [our kids] can minimize the damage that has been and is being done. Save it for the future.

    Yay cheergirl!