Wednesday, January 5, 2011

50 things you might not know about me

  1. I am a natural redhead
  2. I have three children, but have been pregnant 5x-b/c I miscarried twice
  3. I love strawberries
  4. I am deathly afraid of snakes *shudder*
  5. I had my first kiss when I was in 7th grade
  6. My best girlfriend is Tobie, she was my college room mate
  7. My favorite color is blue
  8. I love the beach/ocean
  9. I like to cook
  10. I love fresh summer tomatoes
  11. I once jumped off a cliff into a sink hole in Cancun
  12. I am 5'6
  13. I have trouble staying asleep at night and usually only get 4-5 good solid hours of sleep
  14. My favorite soda is  coke zero
  15. I was a cheerleader in college
  16. I once chased a purse snatcher who stole my purse when I was 4 mos. pregnant(I didn't catch him)
  17. My favorite liquor is vodka
  18. I actually have a really nice singing voice
  19. I am very generous
  20. I can touch my tongue to my nose
  21. I often "talk" for our dogs and the kids will argue with them (the dogs)
  22. I have a knack for computers and have taught myself a lot
  23. I suck at sewing
  24. I am a really fast reader because I read so much & I have read the Twilight series three times
  25. I cry at Hallmark commercials
  27. My first dogs name was Herbie
  28. I like wine
  29. I snore
  30. My favorite cereal is corn pops
  31. If i had it to do over I would have chosen a different major in college
  32. I can be a bitch
  33. I am good at bartering
  34. My favorite season is summer- since I am off from work- But I also really like the fall when it is cold enough to wear a scarf and sweater
  35. I love to swim
  36. I love (most) animals, the exceptions are reptiles and insects
  37. I love movies- some favs include "While You Were Sleeping", The"Twilight" movies, "Day After Tomorrow"
  38. I have had artificial nails for about 16 years
  39. I once won a mini grant @ my first teaching job which included an Apple computer and $1500 of software- I then never got to use it b/c #1 child was born and I became a stay @ home mom
  40. I drive a silver Jeep Grand Cherokee 
  41. I have only ever had one speeding ticket (over 20 years ago)
  42. Ironically I tend to be a lead foot when driving
  43. I have to wear sunglasses outside when it is sunny because one of my pupils stays dilated due to a condition called Addy's pupil
  44. I lost the hearing in my right ear five years ago & also have tinnitus in that ear (which is really annoying)
  45. My favorite flavor of ice cream is anything chocolate
  46. I have a warped sense of humor
  47. I had major surgery on my back when I was 40
  48. I can remember life without cell phone, the internet, & microwaves
  49. I am good at Wheel of Fortune
  50. I am a good mom


  1. Man, that went fast. Was that really 50 things? Thanks for sharing all those details. It's cute that you talk for the dogs. I can picture that. I bet the dogs also give 'good advice' that the kids dont want to hear - yeh? xxooo

  2. OMG I thought I was the only silly person that talked for my dogs. Hahahaha! This list just confirms why we are friends. :D You're the best Barb.

  3. I totally talk to dogs too. But then they look at tme like I am crazy!

  4. I can't touch my tongue to my nose. Damnit I'm jealous!

  5. This is great. I loved reading all this stuff about you! Some of them I knew: Like the first one and the last one. Some really surprised me, though, like the artificial nails!

  6. My girls told me I'd be sad during the day if I didn't have my dogs, because I talk to them so much. I never even realized I did it, until my husband pointed out that I told the dogs I was going to have another cup of coffee.

  7. I don't just talk to them I also talk FOR them. Example... One will come in with a toy wanting to play... she will go up to "the engaged one" and she (the dog, but actually me) will say "play with me" to which my daughter will say something like "not now Cali"

    then Cali (me) will say under her breath "bitch" and then sometimes they will even argue with each other- the whole time me talking FOR the dog!
    I talk to them(the dogs) like they are people too...

    yes.... I am crazy!