Friday, January 14, 2011

A cabin, fireflies, and why I will never get mom of the year ;)

I was trying to think of something to post about but let's face it my life is kind of boring right now so I decided to post about something that happened a LONG time ago.

Hubby's family has a cabin in the mountains about 15 miles west of Gettysburg. His grandparents built it back in the 1930-40's. It's a real log cabin and has been handed down and now we pay for have it. When we were first married we had very little money. Then the kids came along and we had even less money - so if we wanted to take a vacation we had no limited options so we would go to the cabin on vacation. [Let me state here that my idea of a vacation is parking myself on a beach, then going back to an air conditioned hotel with both a maid & room service]

Anyway, our girls were about 2 and 5 years old at the time and I think I was pregnant with QB1. It was summertime and the girls had decided they wanted to catch fireflies in a glass jar. The idea being that if they got enough fireflies they could use them as a night light. The way the cabin is set up is that there is a screened in porch on the back of the cabin where we spend a lot of time. So one evening it was beginning to get dark and the girls begged to let them catch fireflies. Cheergirlie being only two needed to practice because she had a tendency to "catch" them too hard aka squish them. The engaged one decided to "teach her the right way"- yes she was bossy back then too ;)

So hubby and I are sitting there watching them catch fireflies and I suddenly had an idea. The girls LOVED playing monster with their dad- so I told him why don't you go out the front door and go up into the woods and come out like a monster????

So my poor little innocent daughters are out beside the cabin and from the back porch I start directing them. 

"You need to get closer to the woods girls- that's where the best fireflies are". 

So they moved closer. Ever trusting...

"No a little farther up the little hill"

Now at this point it is almost dark....then all of a sudden hubby comes crashing out of the woods growling and making monster type noises.

Both girls screamed, and jumped up in the air and in doing so then ran into each other (hard) knocking each other onto their butts... then they got up and raced onto the back porch screaming the whole time and then crying.

And what might you ask was I doing as this all occurred? 

I was laughing my ass off- honestly I wish I had had a video camera because if we had sent it into Funniest home videos we would have won hands down! I was laughing so hard I was crying and I almost peed my pants.

The girls eventually calmed down and of course poor daddy ... felt bad because he REALLY frightened them!

Me? I was still laughing & to this day when we reminisce... It still makes me laugh remembering...

Yeah, I definitely had mom of the year wrapped up for that little episode!

What can I say- it's what I do *shrug*  ;)


  1. This is soooo funny. Well, you laughing, but kind of mean. heehee

    Two true facts: My family had the cabin in the woods too [same place almost too] complete with no electricity, running water and an outhouse. When we were young we always went there too because of the $$ situation. I miss actually.

    And my kids and husband love to scare eachother. I HATE to be scared. I think it has to do with my brother traumatizing me as a child. ;D The kids know not to do it. Well, Wallene didn't seem to have received them memo because over Christmas break she hid in the pantry and scared the crap out of me. I didn't have to punish her - because the other kids about took her out for doing it.

    [Sorry for the long comment]

    Hugs and hope you have a fabulous weekend. :)

  2. I seem to remember not finding this too funny at the time this happened!!!! But sadly to say I am sure I too will do these type of things to my kids... I only learn from the best :]
    <33 The engaged one

  3. I love those moments that have us laughing years later!

  4. Thanks for that great story! I loved reading it. We do some pretty funny stuff to our kids as well. I once told them that I was only 98% human, and 2% tiger, because my great-great grandaddy was actually a tiger. They TOTALLY believed me. Haaaaaaaaa.

  5. HAAAA! That just brought tears of laughter to my eyes! I wish you had a video of that also (imagine how many times you would have played that back all these years?).