Monday, July 30, 2012

On probation

So last week I did not make weight for the month...

I stayed even- no loss but no gain either....
My quota to lose for the month was 2.25 lbs.... That is also the quota for August so I have to lose 4.5 lbs. total by the last Wed. in August.

What I find strange is that the program does not allow you to attend meetings the month you are on probation... Is it me or does that seem counter productive?

It is not my leaders fault- but it kind of pisses me off... do they want us to succeed or not? Do they honestly think that by punishing me and not letting me go to the meetings it is going to help?

So I have been more careful with my calorie counting... I had been eye balling stuff too much and am back to weighing and measuring .. and I am upping my exercise. This morning I ran(OK it is a term I use loosely- it is a slow jog)  1.8 miles without stopping, and then went to a one hour zumba class with daughter #1 tonight. Going to zumba again tomorrow night.... going to mow the grass Wed. (w/ push mower) in the hopes of sweating off some pounds... but the scale is being really stingy!

I am plateauing.... I have decided no matter what happens by the end of August I am not giving up- I feel so much better minus 33 lbs!

Plus this is a LIFESTYLE change for me!


  1. Okay...can I be honest? You know I am going to be anyway, so....That has to be the STUPIDEST rule I have ever heard. I would think they would encourage you to go to more meetings, get more support. What is this - Communist Russia? It really defeats the purpose. It's like you caught your kid jumping on the bed or coloring on the walls so you banned him from family time that month. Really?

    Okay - I'm done. I feel bad for you. Not that you didn't lose, hey! you didn't GAIN either - WAY TO GO - but because you will be with out that support. Well booha on them.

    I'll be your support. Don't you worry. You WILL lose that 4.5 lbs and I will be right there with you. And no more desserts on my site either - I am working on some low calorie/fat/cholestrol goodies, because at this rate I may be killing my 56 year old husband. So THOSE I will share with the calories. :)

    We'll do this together. GO DUKE MOMS! We're NUMBER ONE! [oh, and NUMBER TWO! WOOT]

    Gotta' go - I think I just woke up the kidlets. giggle.

    1. Thanks Skippy- I KNEW as son as you heard that you'd be pissed off for me as well ;)
      It is stupid....but hey whatever... at this point- I've got this! It may take me longer but this is a marathon- not a sprint!

  2. That punishment does seem very counterproductive. No matter, like you said, it's about a lifestyle change and you've demonstrated that you can do this. Besides, you've got virtual cheerleaders to support you!