Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Empty nest

So cheergirlie and QB1 both left last weekend for college... they had to report early- both had preseason camp.

It is really quiet around here.

I cleaned both of their rooms yesterday and changed the sheets etc. Their rooms look strange without a lot of their "stuff"" in it.

In a way it is a good thing that we scheduled to have new flooring installed this week- at least it offers some background noise ;) I will post some pics as soon as I can figure out how to upload from instagram.

Everyone I've talked to has said it is strange at first with the kids gone but then it becomes really nice.

We shall see... 

All I know is that a large part of our identities has been as parents. Even with all of the ups and downs hubby and I have truly enjoyed being parents. Sure the kids drove us crazy at times, and yes we did become frustrated with them- but through it all we really enjoyed our kids.

We have to learn how to "do this" empty nest thing.

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  1. My oldest son is on vacation with his girlfriend, my second son is on vacation with his dad and my youngest son is at my in-laws for the week. I know exactly what you mean by *really* quiet.

    I'm going to miss the silence when they all come back. :-)