Thursday, August 9, 2012

Total upheaval....

So we have decided to replace the flooring on most of the first floor of our house... the only room not being touched is the office where I am composing this post.

The guys are working on the family room today and (hopefully) finishing the hardwood install today- then they will work on the kitchen/hallway/laundry room. We chose duraceramic for those areas because it looks like ceramic tile and is grouted etc... but is probably half the coast of real ceramic tile.

The poor "girls" (our two yellow labs) are penned up on the second floor so the guys can work.

We are also replacing the carpet in our finished basement. The carpet guys came this morning and have started on the basement... they will finish that and then replace the dining room & living room carpet before they leave today.

I am sure it is all going to look beautiful when it is done, but right now I feel like I am going a bit crazy....

I am officially in hell.....

On the bright side with all the upheaval I won't be able to cook for a few days.... DARN!  ;)
prep for family room

beginning front hall

beginning kitchen with duraceramic

getting stuff off of bakers rack so it can be moved

just a mess!

front hall moving into family room

running out of places to put stuff


it's going to look great... my mantra.....


  1. wow, this looks like a huge project! It will be great when it's finished though!

  2. Ooooh, aaaaah... it's pretty flooring. Don't go crazy, just close the office door and open the bottle of wine ;-)

  3. Renovating is always stressful. Just keep breathing and remembering how wonderful it will look in the end.
    And the no cooking is a bonus