Monday, January 14, 2013

Mountain High

This past weekend hubby, the "girls" (our 2 yellow labs) and I went to the mountains for the weekend. It was crappy weather, but a great weekend!

I used to be a "shore" person, but as I've gotten older I have come to really love the mountains. He converted me!

We got a call on Sat. morning from "cheergirlie" could she come and stay the night with us? That was a nice surprise! :) She got there around 7 PM and left the next morning just before 11AM as she had to cheer at a basketball game that afternoon. She came just long enough to have 3 s'mores over the fire and to have breakfast with us.

It usually takes us just over 2 hrs. to get there so it is not an unbearable drive- decent highways etc.

Our time @ the cabin always goes bye way too quickly as do all days off!

Little by little we have been making some  much needed improvements.  Hubby is seriously thinking of some major renovations in the not too distant future. He has to crunch some numbers to see what is possible. Aside from updating with hand me down furniture and rugs we haven't really sunk a lot of $ into it up until this point. There is a Lowe's nearby which we go through to get ideas of what we could do.

Hopefully we can make some improvements- the nicer it is the more I am inclined to go there- and the more we go there the happier hubby is- he absolutely loves it there!


  1. So I hibernate for a few months and you go and LOSE an entire person. What the hell. giggle I saw your icon pic over at Diane Fitz's and almost didn't recognize you.

    You look FABULOUS - I am so proud of you, and especially because you are doing it by yourself. You go girl. I am SO SO happy for you too. Now, wanna borrow some clothes? :D

    Oh-and the cabin sounds great too [Yes I did read the post. I want a cabin too].

    Since we missed you at parents weekend - no one reminded me :( I guess we'll see you at graduation. Right?

  2. I'm almost the opposite. Being in an area where mountains are normal, I never used to be a shore person. I like to get away to the shore when I can because it's peaceful to me (I usually try to go off-season). But I do love living in the mountains. Makes for some fun times!