Friday, February 1, 2013

#1 Cheesy

30 Minus 2 Days of Writing 

Or as I like to refer to it... the OMG are you an idiot for agreeing to do this writing challenge? See the other masochists participants Nicky has strong-armed invited  over at We Work for Cheese.


Day 1: Cheesy

When I hear the term "cheesy" I immediately think of pizza-  why you might ask? 
Because I absolutely love pizza... I could eat it daily.


There are so many different combinations you can make, thin crust, regular crust, thick crust. 
White pizza, regular sauce, oil & cheese, Hawaiian, pesto, Margarita, taco, buffalo...
you are only limited by your imagination. The combinations can be limitless!

For instance...

You could do a scrambled egg, cheese & bacon pizza with a white sauce for breakfast...

Bacon 'n Egg Breakfast Pizza

A pepperoni & mushroom for lunch...

 File:Pizza Hut pepperoni, sausage, mushroom pizza.JPG

A sausage & black olive for dinner...

 Medium Italian Sausage, Black Olive, and Onion. $10.99

A brownie pizza with fruit for dessert...

 Brownie 'n Berries Dessert Pizza

You can see how I have given this serious thought.

Now..... what to have for dinner tonight...? ;)


  1. OMG! That brownie pizza looks HEAVENLY! I suggest you have that for dinner tonight. And invite me over. I might even let you off the hook for tomorrow's prompt...


  2. Holy crap, I want that brownie pizza! Like, right now. Yum!

  3. I'll be there for lunch and dinner! ;)

  4. You know I love pizza but that brownie and fruit thing takes the cake, er, pie! Yum.

  5. Hey "Mom"! Damn, this made me feel all sad. Why? Well, I feel the same way about pizza (ask Ziva), but have none of those delicious circles of heaven here with me. Dieting right now. It's just WRONG, I tell ya! Indigo =)

    1. I hear ya indigo- I lust after those pics.... I'm trying to lose too!

  6. Sausage and black olive sounds absolutely wonderful to me right now. On a thin crust, NYC style.

    I hate you for making me hungry.

  7. Ok. So now I need to go make a brownie pizza! I had never thought about using brownies for the crust!

  8. PIZZZAAAA!!!!!!

    Margarita pizza done RIGHT is my favorite.... The kind where vampires won't touch you for a week!

  9. Pepperoni and jalapenos on a thin crust. And a big bottle of wine. A BIG one. Excuse me, do you deliver?

  10. OMG. I am starving - I feel like I could attack a whole pizza right now! YUM.

  11. Pizza is by far my favorite food, and I love the fact that a blog entry like this one exists. Anybody down for anchovies? I always thought anchovies got a bum rap.