Saturday, February 9, 2013

#9. 15 minutes

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I open the lid and the steam escapes, disappearing into the moonlight.

First one step, then another as I step over the side.

As my my foot hits the heat I gasp softly, then bring my other foot into the warmth.

Slowly I sink down, heat enveloping my body as I sigh into the exquisite warmth.

I press the button and the water churns, swirling around tired limbs, massaging aches I didn't

realize were there.

I ease back and allow the relaxation of both my mind and body, gazing out into the starlit night, the

wind whispering through the trees like a forlorn echo.

My eyes close slowly hypnotized by the sensations and I breath in the silence... Only hearing the

sloshing of the water.

After what feels like only a few minutes the churning stops, the water stills it it is silent again.

I resolutely get up and climb back out, my 15 minutes of bliss over in what felt like an instant.

My hot tub beckons me to stay, but I know I can't go back in... Not until tomorrow.


  1. Yeah, I mean any more than 15 minutes and you'll turn into a prune.

  2. Hey Barb! Damn, I love this. I've craved a long hot soak for ages; showering just doesn't do it for me. (And sorry, it was me that posted your link, tho I had no idea what your email address was! It just seemed wrong that nobody was reading!) Indigo x

    1. Is that why the link on the participants list for Day 9 was bad? I had to find your site in my browser history.

  3. Oh, I envy you!! I would love to have a hot tub. Sigh.

  4. Oh wow, I almost feel like I'm in a hot tub now, gently floating, relaxing.. What a wonderful read, Barb. :)

  5. Ah... what I wouldn't give for a hot tub haven right about now. Between the snow and my herniated disk acting up, it would be a marvel.

  6. I love your language here. The descriptions are so sensual. You make baths sound very appealing.