Tuesday, February 26, 2013

#26 Deal with it

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I wish I had half the ability of the other writers who are participating in 30 days minus 2 . There are some immensely talented & special writers that I am fortunate enough to join in this challenge.Writing is not something I find "easy"- I do multiple drafts of some of my entries, wonder how much I should say, how honest I should be... I read the other entries and often find my posts lacking. Guess I'll just have to deal with it.


Livie found herself four hours later, tired with a sore back and feet and way more respectful of the job a waitress does. While most of the customers she waited on were nice enough, trying to be upbeat while running her ass off was hard!
Looking over at Gert however and seeing the older woman keep going as hard as she did made her realize that she needed to continue helping out Gert as long as she needed her.  It was the least she could do since Gert gave her the cabin to use.
She gave the counter one last wipe down and then heard Gert telling her to get a drink and come sit with her. She grabbed a soda and sat down with her. 

"You did good child" said Gert with a smile.
 "Livie took a sip of her soda and said "Thanks, it was way harder than I expected it to be".
Gert looked her over and said "Yes it is but the secret is to just stay positive, friendly and do you best". If you don't mind me asking, what kind of work are you used to"?
Livie smiled and said "I am a teacher, I've taught elementary school on and off the past seven years. The last two years I only substituted because I was taking care of my mom. She had cancer and passed about four months ago".
Gert took both of Livie's hands in her own, her knarly, veiny hands soft to the touch as they gently clasped Livies'. "Oh sweetheart I am so sorry to hear that, hopefully she didn't suffer"?
Livie nodded and said "no, they were able to keep her comfortable till the end".
 "And you child, are you ok"? Asked Gert.
"It has been very hard but yes I'm dealing with it" Livie said softly. 
Bud looked over the car muttering under his breath the whole time. Joe stood anxiously to one side watching, listening, not understanding what Bud was saying.
 Finally he said "Can you fix it"?
Bud looked up, pushed his cap farther back on his head and replied "Hell yeah I can fix it".
Joe looked visibly relieved. He said "That's great, is there any way it could be ready by tomorrow morning"? 
Bud looked at him and said "Sure, if I had the parts you needed, but I don't, I'll need to order 'em""
Joe's face fell. He said, "How long do you think it'll take"?
Bud scratched his head and said”Well that depends".
"Depends on what?" Joe asked.
"It depends young man on if I can locate the parts in Billings and if the weather cooperates to get 'em here. Once I get 'em it’ll take me a day or so to work on it".

Joe's face fell again”So you're telling me I am looking at two or three days"? Said Joe.
"More like four or five if you're lucky" said Bud.
Joe gave Bud all of his information and Bud towed his car back to his garage. As Joe watched his car disappear down the road he went back into his room frustrated. He did not like this one bit but there was nothing he could do about it. He was in the middle of nowhere, no car and stuck here for at least a few days. Fortunately he had a place to stay. The whole situation sucked but at least he could do some work on his manuscript, he might as well deal with it.




  1. You under underrate yourself when you talk about your writing. I love dropping by every day for this continuing saga. Keep it up.

  2. Writing might not be "easy" for you. Barb, but you are going one hell of a job here. Don't sell yourself short, you have way more talent than you give yourself credit for. :)

    I cannot wait to see how, and even IF, you'll bring our two unfortunate lovers back together. Wonderful job, Barb.

  3. This is really a good story. I'm looking forward to more installments, too.

  4. Hey Barb! Yes, what Z said. And closer, closer! Indigo x

  5. Ahhh the story takes a fun twist!

  6. I am going to be so sad when this is over. This story is SO great. I saved up a few days to read and I wish I had more. Sigh.

    What happens NEXT?!!! Ahhhh, the suspense. Or as ThisIsMe would say "Don't keep us in suspenders." :D

  7. Barb, you are being way too hard on yourself! You've done an amazing job during this entire challenge and this storyline of yours is outstanding!

  8. Wow this was really moving for me .... I had to "deal with" my mom having breast cancer. Thank GOD she is now 19 years cancer free ... and now she continues to have to deal with ME! :)

  9. Oh, I felt bad when I read your intro. You're doing a great job, Barb, and have no reason to feel less worthy than anybody else. These vignettes you're creating are wonderful, often moving. Keep it up, please.

  10. How do you do it, Barb? I'm in awe of this story! Looking forward to finding out how it ends! (Love your Gert character... reminds me of my grandma!)

  11. Multiple drafts and revisions means you care about your writing. That's where good writing comes from. And, may I say, your writing has been great all February long. I have especially been enjoying your ventures into fiction. They've really piqued my interest. I keep wondering where things are headed next after i finish an entry.