Saturday, February 23, 2013

#23 Absurd

This is day 23 of the absurd creative writing challenge.

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Gert watched the pretty young woman then headed over and offered her more coffee.
"Thanks" she said looking up. Gert took in her delicate features, the deep blue eyes and curly blond hair.

 As Gert refilled her coffee cup she said "So I know everyone in town, where are you from miss?”

 "Back east" she said.

 "Do you have a name?" Gert prompted.

"Oh I'm sorry, yes" she said looking shyly down, "its Livie".

 "Well Livie" Gert said, "It's nice to meet you, is someone meeting you here?"

Livie looked down again, biting her lip unconsciously and holding her hands tightly together. The older woman had a kind look to her. Gert glanced over her shoulder at the construction workers who called out a goodbye, and looked back at Livie.

"May I?" She gestured at the booth.

 "Oh yes, please do" Livie said.

 Gert settled down with a grimace. "Damned knees, I'm getting too old for this".

Gert looked at Livie, "So what brings you to Wolf Creek child?"

 Undecided how much to share Livie simply said "I needed a change".

 Gert snorted and said with a smile, "Well child not much of a town here for someone as young and pretty as you but welcome".

Livie sipped on her coffee and said "Thank you", feeling at peace with her decision for the first time.
It was absurd because she had no job here, nowhere to stay, but somehow she knew it would be alright.
As he left his second stop he knew he needed to stop and rest. The roads were beginning to get fuzzy. He needed to sleep. That paired with the now steady snow was making driving dangerous. This was absurd he had to stop. He was liable to fall asleep at the wheel and end up in an embankment.

He saw a sign for a motel two miles up the road and decided to stop and get some sleep. He was half way across Montana now and there were only two more towns she could've gotten off at.

As he pulled into the motel parking lot and parked his cell phone rang. He glanced at the caller i.d. and sighed... his editor, he had to answer this.

"Hello Stan" he said.

"Joe, I got your manuscript and have some questions, do you have a minute?" said Stan.  Joe sat in the cooling car and answered Stan's questions, concise in his explanations. He and Stan had worked together for five years now and they had this routine down pat.

"Just so you know Stan, I'm gonna be out of town for a while, something’s come up".

"Everything ok bud?" Stan asked.

"I hope so Stan thanks. Don't worry I'll have the next installment to you by the end of next month, I have my laptop with me, I'll email you in a day or so".

They ended the conversation and Joe got out of the car and checked into the motel. Once he was in his room he took a blistering hot shower and fell into bed. He plugged in his cell phone and set his alarm for five hours- that should be enough. He laid back down and was asleep almost at once. As he drifted deeper he smiled in his sleep dreaming of a girl with blue eyes and blond hair... his Livie.


  1. This is a great story. I can't wait to read the next instalment. (Check your link at Nicky's. It took me to a post of yours from last October.)

  2. This is wonderful! Keep it coming, I want to know how it ends...

    (Also, I fixed the link issue Dufus mentioned above)

  3. You are really on a roll with these. Very captivating, indeed.

  4. Love the two point of views. This is a very intriguing story. Looking forward to the rest.

  5. I guess I dropped in in the middle somewhere, like channel hopping over to HBO and landing in the middle of an obviously well-acted film but not knowing anything of the plot or characters.

  6. You know, wanting to know how this story ends is the only reason I'm actually happy there are five more days of this challenge left. ;)

  7. Hey Barb! Yep, definitely enjoying this! And yeah, what Ziva said! Indigo x

  8. If she left him, she needs to STAY away from him.... he is NOT allowed to follow her and kill her in some hotel. OK!??! :)

  9. Hooray, the story continues! I'm intrigued and can't wait until tomorrow!

  10. Hey, there's always a third point of view, isn't there? At least that's what the other voices in my head keep telling me.

  11. That shift in point of view was pretty cool. I really like the way you've employed that device. As others have said, I'm intrigued, and I'd be interested to learn more about these characters.

  12. This really is a nice little story you have going on and I like how you've adapted it to the themes. ;)