Sunday, February 21, 2010


This past weekend hubby and I watched the olympics- in particular- curling.

At first look admittedly it looks like a totally stupid sport- kinda like boccie on ice, but the more you watch it the more interesting it becomes.

We caught the US vs. Great Britain (Scotland in particular)- these women take this seriously! The announcers were discussing a problem that has been happening- it seems that curling spectators are supposed to conduct themselves in a similar fashion to golf spectators.. and it seems they have not been...and this has upset some of the competitors because they say all the noise is breaking their concentration.  Many of the spectators are REALLY getting into it and have been very vocal, even bringing bells & air horns! We even saw the crowd doing the "wave" after one match! :)   (Gotta love their enthusiasm)

After watching curling we have  learned that it is one of the oldest of the winter sports- I guess it is just recently that it has gotten more TV exposure. But what I want to know... where do people in the US actually do it? I mean in our area the only winter sports you ever hear about are ice hockey, skiing & snowboarding. How do these individuals start curling?

I guess my real question is how does it qualify as a "sport"? It seems more like a game to me... goes to follow that we could totally add boccie to the summer Olympics....


  1. I won't tell my 98 year old Italian Grandmother that you implied that boccie wasn't a sport. :D lol

    I am watching the medal ceremony for skiing right now - and I have to share with you - Bodie Miller is getting the gold and they are playing our anthem and the boy is chewing his "cud" [gum] like he is afraid it might fall out of his mouth.

    He shook the guys hand the whole time chomp, chomp, chomp. Bet his parents are proud.

    [Sorry, I thought you would understand :D]

  2. I do.. *sigh* When are people going to realize that there is a time and a place for everything and in front of a global audience of millions... chomping away on a wad of gum is simply NOT the place....

  3. Do you know that I never even knew what that game was called until now?


    Can we add Making Ice Angels too??? (-:

  4. Can you imagine a blow horn at a golf match? Ack! Those poor curlers. I read about the pregnant curler. It's awesome she's competing.

  5. Olympic snow angels . . . I'm liking it.

  6. Typical Canadian exuberance. :)

    I live in a province with 1.1 million people, and there are 122 curling clubs. To say we love our curling would be a slight understatement.

    I would say it is more of a sport than something like figure skating, or any other "sport" that is judged subjectively as opposed to scored objectively. I don't think that events that aren't objectively scored should be considered sports in the Olympics. :) My wife disagrees, she likes her ice dancing. lol

  7. That is so cool... I had no idea it was so popular... learn something new every day! :)