Wednesday, February 24, 2010

nothing like getting felt up by a machine

Went for my annual mammogram today... I missed last year and took shit from my doc & hubby so I scheduled it and went in this afternoon & had my boobs smashed...

Luckily the place I go to has a very nice woman who actually has the perfect personality for a mammo tech... It's embarrassing enough to stand there exposed... if you had a tech who was a bitch it would really be a sucky experience.

My tech.. Rose was very nice and kept up a running commentary during the entire process- I guess to help me feel more comfortable...she was awesome. She was the same one who did my last mammo 2 yrs. ago.  Why is it that those rooms and the machines are always freezing? I got to thinking about it and it must get kinda boring looking @ boobs all the past they always used these little sticky things that they put on your nipples... but this time they didn't (thank God). I've always kind of wondered why they even bother giving you a gown... as soon as you get in the room you have to slip half of it off so they can smash one side in the machine...

In any case... if you haven't scheduled your mammo... DO SO... it doesn't take that long & it could save your life. :)


  1. I have nothing to smush. Seriously. Sigh. In fact I am pretty sure my Dr's mammo machine wouldn't even close on my [semi] perky lil AAs - LOL but yes it is important. Congrats on getting one. Glad you are okay. [You are okay, right? :D]

  2. Yea it was just a routine test, the tech said she didn't see anything but that the dr. would confirm... I would think it would hurt more if you were on the small size.. my DD's were uncomfortable but not bad...

  3. I am sooo not looking forward to that day since I have close to no breasts... there really isn't anything to smash!!!

  4. I do go every year even though I hate the feeling of my boobs being flattened. Not that they are TOO un-flattened without any assistance, but still...

  5. Oh, I go every other year before last year. When I turned 40, my doctor said "Ok. You have reached the age..." I was not too happy that day. LOL.

  6. Thanks for the reminder. Next month is my annual "feel up."

    Well at least somebody's touching them... (-:

  7. When the tech talks a lot, it helps. Don't know why that is, but you're right. Thanks for the reminder!

  8. The flattened boobs look familiar! haha nice post!
    Thanks for having me on your blogroll- you are on mine now too!