Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Millionaire Matchmaker

I love Millionaire Matchmaker. It is my guilty reality pleasure...

Patti rocks! Yes she is over the top... but she is honest and as she says "I get the job done."

The fact that people actually pay to get set up simply blows my mind- I watch  and am continually amazed. Just goes to show that money does not always buy you happiness or smarts for that matter.

You would think that these people would watch what they say considering that they will be on t.v., but no that doesn't seem to be in any  way a deterrent. One of my favorites last season was the woman who owned the salon and she and Patti were like oil & water... I am watching the rerun as we speak- this lady evidently comes back for more in a new episode later tonight.

I cannot wait!


  1. It is fun to have these guilty little pleasures isn't it. Mine and Pooldad's [yes my husband] love "Project Runway". lol

    I have never seen the show you are talking about but I did see Patti on Oprah and she really had some good points about dating and finding a match. Seems like a very astute woman.

    Hope you had fun watching!

  2. Mine is American Idol. And I must admit, I am fascinated by the show that is about drug addicts and other weirdos - Intervention? I think it is? We all need these diversions, don't we?