Monday, June 4, 2012

Behind the wheel.

So I happened upon a blog which challenged you to write daily for 30 days.... here 
There are no real rules and I've decided that since today is the 4th I will begin with number 4....

Day 1: Cheese
Day 2: A roadblock
Day 3: They played my song

Day 4: Behind the wheel

Today's theme is behind the wheel.

Wheels.... to me means my new car... I call her sweetie... she is new- a 2012 Chrysler 200 .

She is black like in the pic and has a creamy beige interior- so pretty! She also is loaded! We purchased her @ the end of April b/c my old Jeep Cherokee was getting up there in miles and we needed a car which would be better on gas mileage and would also be more comfortable for long drives. Since it was the end of the month and they needed to make their quota we got a REALLY good deal on her!!! She has a sunroof , blue tooth and Sirius radio!

I feel like I finally have a grown up car-one for me- not for hauling kids around etc.
She is fun to drive and I LOVE her!

My son gave her the ultimate compliment when he said she is "sick" - hubby says since I've lost weight and am now driving a hot car I look even hotter *giggle*- amazing the little things which make you happy!

This is for Day 4 of a challenge 30 Days of Writing started by Nicky and Mike of We Work For Cheese in which several other bloggers and I are participating for the month of June. Today’s prompt was “Behind The Wheel.”


  1. Oh, good for you! I can't wait to "grow up" and ditch my momvan!!!

  2. That's a mighty fine-looking vehicle. Hot indeed! Congratulations. :)

  3. And the new-car smell! Almost as good as puppy breath! Congrats on your hot, new wheels.

  4. If you got the "sick" from the kid, you know you made it, right? :)

    1. isn't that the truth! It was the "ultimate" of compliments!

  5. Are you sure you aren't driving my old girlfriend?
    She always showed up fully loaded and oddly enough also had a creamy beige interior.

  6. Hey, new wheels do make a difference. Congrats on your hot car, and the new, hotter you! :)

  7. SWEET! Oh, I am totally envious of your "sick" grown-up car! She's a beauty, congratulations!

    Oh, and welcome to the challenge! So glad to have you join in.

  8. First off - you are totally cheating by starting on Day 4 and secondly I bet you $10 that you couldn't post everyday until the last day of the month, 10 BuCKS! giggle

    You know I love you - but I don't see this happening. We are still waiting on wedding pics of YOU darling. Hmmmm? What's that? You're too busy? Exactly my point Duke Mom#1! heehee

    Cough up the pics and no one gets hurt. [And I am completely serious about the $10 bet. I will totally pay off if you do it. I like reading your blog THAT much. :)] Hugs to y'all!

    1. Well Skippy I didn't even see the other blog with the challenge until day 4- and there are no rules... so :-)~~~~~

      And the wedding pics of me is so totally not my fault! I was TAKING pics! ;) also since school is almost done I will have lots more time so I accept your challenge and I WILL do this!!! ( I know I know... I have good intentions and will try my darnedest to follow through on this! )

  9. The is a gorgeous car and if it has the kid's approval then you are on a winner.

    Good luck with your challenge. It will be fun to follow along