Tuesday, October 16, 2012


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BULLSHIT... the amount of crap sent to me via email by SOME co workers...is bullshit.

Email CAN be great, but sometimes people will send emails and vent and complain... take a minute and think- would you speak to me face to face the way you have via email? If the answer is no- then DON'T SEND IT>>>> it's BULLSHIT
Grow a set and  speak to me one on one- don't hide behind an email.



  1. I've certainly noticed a significant drop in e-mail traffic since I stopped working. Thankfully. And of course answering those BS e-mails only encourages more of them, right?

    1. So very true... with one in particular I finally told him "if you don't like how I am doing my job- tell my boss...." he never did of course...(this guy is a pain in the ass know it all)

      I sent my boss his final email and said "in case you get any complaints- this is what is going on" Her reply was that "everyone is working very hard to meet students needs and that he was welcome to suggest a better way to do things... "

      She knows the score with this individual... I finally stopped responding- he was trying to tell me how to do my job- which he has no idea how to do.

  2. I've got a spam BS detector that works great!

  3. Very true! Also don't send things that you don't want forwarded!

  4. What Meleah said. Times a gazillion. GAH!

  5. i agree. it's easy to hide behind the computer and vent.

  6. I prefer speaking in person. Sadly most people I know are already fully aware that I'm teeming with BS.

  7. Boy, is my face red! I can't tell you how much I wish there was a way to unsend an email. Call me, Barb. We'll talk. Even if it takes all night.

  8. I am standing up and CHEERING!!! YES YES YES!