Wednesday, October 31, 2012

30 Days of Photos-Outtakes

This photo challenge was been developed by Mike and Ziva, you can see all of the talented participants over @ Ziva's Inferno.


I really enjoyed participating in this challenge- not only did I get to meet some great people and find some new wonderful blogs but it got me blogging more often. 

Here are some pics taken, but not used...

I missed the autumn prompt in preparation for Sandy not sure which of the next few I would've used

Probably this one...

It's been great guys! I'm so glad to have met all of you! :)


  1. Your 'puppies' are the best!! I love the one with tongue hanging out!!!!

  2. You changed your layout! Great outtakes. My favourite is that last one. It really is a dog's life.

  3. Thanks noname! I decided it was time for a facelift! ;)

  4. Hah, these are wonderful, Barb! And congrats on making it all the way! ;)

    1. Thanks Ziva! Even though most of us complained I think we all enjoyed it! :)

  5. Your outtakes are as great as your originals. Love all those photos of your pups. Of the 3 Autumn photos, I'd have been stuck between the 1st and 3rd. That's why there are outtakes. Knowing you get another chance makes the decisions a bit easier.

    It's been great visiting you and I love that this challenge jump-started your blogging again. Last time around I went AWOL for months. I'm going to try harder not to disappear again.

  6. Oh, my outtakes are finally up! Late but I said I'd post 'em and I try to be true to my word even if it kills me.

  7. So many pictures, so few prompts! Ha! Maybe we can save all our outtakes for next time.