Thursday, November 1, 2012

Christmas lists

The following email was sent out yesterday to my three children, the married one got double duty- as per the "P.S."... I also cc'd my mom.
Subject line: Extremely Important Please read!!!!

We need Christmas lists! (A.S.A.P.)
(knowing you guys will slack on this I felt the need to add the ASAP in the hopes of attaining  lists prior to Thanksgiving)!

Preferably stuff that can be ordered online- I can coordinate with Gram so you can provide one list which she and I can disseminate/discuss over Thanksgiving.

Please include colors, sizes … links to websites etc.

The better the lists- the more likely you will get stuff you actually want! :)

You snooze you lose!
Santa is not above giving coal out to those who do not provide lists!

Love you guys,

P.S.- Jenny you are responsible for Mike’s list ;) 
Think that will work? 

* Side note cheergirlie (child #2) had a list already prepared (including pics & graphics!) and responded within 15 minutes of receiving my email! :D

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