Tuesday, November 6, 2012

A letter to college aged me

Dear Barb,

Now that I am in my 50's I thought I'd share some things I've learned along the way...

1. Continue to use sunscreen and moisturize your skin regularly. Trust me- you continue to do this and your 50 y/o self will thank you. You will look younger than anyone else at your 35th high school reunion.

2. Stop obsessing about your weight- learn to judge yourself not by a number on the scale but how you look and feel.

3. Don't stop exercising! It is so hard to get back into it- I know you hate it but it will help with #2. No one ever said "Gee I'm sorry I did that work out!"

4. Follow your dreams- do not settle.

5. Make time for yourself once you get married and start a family.

6. Save money- plan for your financial future- retirement really will be there before you know it!

7. Take time to smell the roses, life will get hectic so make sure you take the time to appreciate it in the moment. Life goes by so quickly savor every moment!

8. Don't worry so much about what other people think, as long as you can look yourself in the mirror each day and know that you tried your best- it's ok.

9. Pray- keep up your personal relationship with God.

10. Take chances- sometimes when you do you will meet someone wonderful or find something you love.

11. Always have dogs- they bring you such joy!

12. Realize that it's ok to say no sometimes.

13. Travel more- because once you get to your 50's you won't always be as willing to travel far distances.

14. Cut yourself some slack-if you screw up, fix it and move on... learn from it.

15. Don't stress the small stuff- and most of it is small stuff!

16. Don't strive for happiness because that can be fleeting- strive for peace of mind.

Anyone have any other suggestions?

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  1. [First off LOVE the new blog look. Which, knowing me - is probably 3 months old, but hey! Where have I been? giggle]

    THIS is a definitive blueprint for life my friend - you hit it SPOT on. And they are all so true and words I live by also.

    My favorite is missing tho' [but you do need all of yours in conjunction with mine to make it work] and that is HAVE A SENSE OF HUMOR. LAUGH! Because baby, if you can't laugh at some of the absurdities life your brings your way - well, it just ain't worth living.

    I think, no, I KNOW the reason Pooldad and I are best friends and have such a strong relationship is because not only do we believe the tenets you posted about about living - but that we have the same sense of humor. God knows that we have sorely needed it in the last few years and we have found it a great tool to diffusing the hurt, pain, anger, fear and well...just depression that comes along -y'know?

    I am going to print your list and put it in my scrapbook - it's perfect. You know what's funny tho', I wish I had known number one 35 years ago. My mother taught me next to nothing about hygiene [beyond soap and water], make up - you name it, although she used all the stuff - and it wasn't until a few years ago that I woke up and went....yuck. I love my smile/laugh lines around my eyes - but they are starting to descend onto my cheeks and meet up with those around my mouth....and well.....Let's hear it for L'Oreal eye lifter cream, night cream and daily moisterizer -and always, always take your make up off at night, right?

    Oh and an added item that my Mom said never to do, but I am wishing I had now is I would've taken to sleeping in a bra - or at least something with better support. Although I am of the small chestal proportions every little bit helps I am sure. :)

    Finally - you changed your profile pic! [Again, probably 3 months ago] and I have to say - oooooh, la, la, VA VOOM Mom! Gorgeous. :) You just sparkle. And you look so healthy [and like you feel so healthy.] Ahhhh wonderful.

    Oh wait, can I add one more to your list? And it may not be possible for everyone, but - Fall in love. Or at the very least, be willing to give your heart fully to another. True fact that married people live longer. I see it in you and your hubs, know it exists here and in a few other of my friends' relationships and I can honestly say we, as a whole, just seem to be happier I think.

    Okay - world's longest comment brought to you by: SKIPPYMOM! Love ya' DUKE MOM #1 - hope we get to "chat" again soon. :D