Thursday, December 6, 2012

Here I go again...

So I was doing SO well with my diet etc... until I missed my monthly goal and got kicked out of my diet group..... (SEE HERE) and I am sorry to say I am up about 10 lbs. :(

It is mainly around my waist that I am noticing the difference- I can still fit in my smaller pants etc. but I don't want to wait for it to get worse...

So I noticed a colleague of mine has really shaped up after having her twins a couple of years ago and she referred me to her trainer Alex. So I sucked it up and called and scheduled a consultation.

While I REALLY liked my old trainer, he didn't push me enough. Plus I haven't worked with him in about a year, so I am going to try this new guy.

The good news is that I am ahead of the game bc I am about 30 lbs. lighter than before.

I decided to start now rather than wait till January and all those New Years resolutions- why wait? That attitude alone is WAYYYY better than before!

I am also planning on checking out that new book Eat for Health by Dr. Joel Fuhrman- saw him on Dr. Oz the other day and was impressed by his ideas.

I am kinda pissed at myself for letting it get to 10 (or so) pounds, but am not going to dwell on it like I would've before- I am taking action!

No more excuses!!!


  1. Definitely a great attitude to have Mom. No doubt, and I think a positive attitude is 90% of the battle when trying to overcome something.

    And good for you for starting now. Especially now - December is the month filled with all the temptations, isn't it? But I know you, you'll have your tastes and enjoy in moderation, but you will stay on track and stay healthy. Because being healthy really is the name of the game now, right? :)

    Know I am rooting you on, and I KNOW if anyone can do it YOU can! Go DUKE MOMMA!

  2. By starting a diet in the month of December, you are officially the bravest woman I know.

  3. You can do it! You've already accomplished so much! And I agree with you, the hell with waiting for January... no time like the present!

  4. Yep, you'll already be a month ahead of the game! You can do it!