Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Back to reality...

We're home... back from Jamaica.
I can say in all honesty it was BETTER than I had even hoped- an absolutely perfect vacation.
The pictures tell the's better in Jamaica!

the swim up bar... yummy strawberry daquiries & rum punch

Jeff giving the vacation a thumbs up

me relaxing by the pool

Jeff's foot & the hotel

kissing my sweetie poolside
5 Star hotel...$$$$
Rum you bring home ... $22.00
Tips ... $20
Vacations alone with your sweetie.... PRICELESS!

Cheaper Than Therapy


  1. You guys are TOO cute.

    How the heck did you get away with only tipping $20? Liking the rum tho' :)

  2. It was all inclusive.. and actually Skippy just chose a number... don't really know how much we tipped exactly.. now that I am thinking about it it was probably closer to $50 when you factor in the airport transfers.... :)

  3. Nice vacay! You and your husband are so sweet! And I love the swim-up bar.

  4. I like Jeff's foot by the hotel, lol! Now that's funny! Sounds like a great vacation!

    Happy ATWT!

  5. Sounds like a wonderful vacation! Great pics!!

  6. What a wonderful set of pictures! So glad you had a wonderful time!

    Happy ATWT!

  7. Oh, I LOVE all inclusive :) How nice.

    I came over to bask in the warmth of Jamaica. I want to go too. :)