Thursday, December 3, 2009

baby boy

Today my "baby" (all 6'1 of him) turns 16... a momentus age- a learners permit is in his near future...
I looked at the clock a few minutes ago and saw that exactly 16 yrs ago I was in the hospital -sedated due to my c-section and very happy that he had finally arrived.

JJ was by far, my easiest pregnancy- I was sicker than a dog the first 3-4 months with my girls and I looked like shit most of the time... but with JJ I felt great- wasn't sick, my skin, hair & nails looked awesome and I glowed... Another factor that made him easier.. with the girls I put on 36 & 35 lbs respectively.. with JJ only 12.5 lbs. From the back you couldn't tell I was pregnant- it looked like I had a basketball under my shirt I was all rounded belly.

I had gestational diabetes with all three of my kids and my doctors scared the shit out of me told me that unless I wanted to have to do injections every day that I had to follow a very strict food plan to control my glycemic index... I guess by baby #3 they must've really layed it on thick because I did not deviate from my ok'd foods... it was to the point that raisin bran tasted sweet to me by 9 months...

I remember being about 8 mos. pregnant and having to take the girls in for a check up and my pediatrian (who was origionally from Romania and had an accent that sounded like a nazi) asked me how much weight I had gained... I thought she was going to have a coronary when I told her at that point about 9 lbs.... she started getting really agitated and the more agitated she got the heavier her accent got to the point where I have to say she got down right scarey.... she kept saying how I was starving the baby and she liked fat babies etc..... Finally I was like Dr. C- I am taking in 2000-2500 calories a day... just not "bad" foods...

She still was not happy about it, but I guess I redeemed myself when he came out all 9 lbs. 5 oz. of chubby baby...

JJ learned to adapt to a household that up until that point had been dominated by females.. 2 sisters, a mom, and both a female cat & dog. Jeff was so happy to be able to buy something other than barbies or something a shade of  pepto bismal pink. I think the fact that he did grow up surrounded by women is one of the reasons why JJ gets along with girls so well... that and the fact that he is a cutie!

                                                                     with his big sis Stefanie

J was a good baby, easy actually, but that also could've been due to the fact that I had already done this twice and did not worry every time something happened...he was my buddy when the girls went off to school and we would bake cookies, go to the park and watch movies (I think we both knew the entire dialog of Jurassic Park). It just about broke my heart when he finally began 1st grade- I remember driving him to school and him *trying to not cry* say "but Mommy, who will make cookies with you?"

with his sister Stefanie

Jeff & I have watched our son grow up to be a handsome, intelligent, caring young man. He has a strong faith,  excels at academics/athletics and is an awesome football player. And while I get frustrated that he doesn't share as much with me as the girls did, I can only hope that he understands that I nag him out of love.
So Happy 16th Birthday my baby boy... Mommy loves you XOXO


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  1. Wow! He is incredibly handsome. I, um, have a pretty lil' 17 year old....can we be in laws? lol

    I had the same problem with my doc' - I actually lost weight for the first few months with my babies because I stopped eating fast food, etc. and only healthy stuff and they would get mad at me. Well - I had some pretty big babies [not JJ's size, wow!, but big enough.]

    Please tell we send him best birthday wishes. :)