Thursday, December 10, 2009

leaving on a jet plane

Tomorrow hubby and I leave for Jamaica for 5 days/4 nights. I am beyond excited...

It's been about a year and a half since the last time we had any *real* time alone. We went to a very nice bed & breakfast in Hershey,PA, stayed 2 nights and went to see Billy Joel in concert *awesome concert by the way*

So this time we decided to go longer *sans kids* and somewhere warm & "all inclusive".  Now for me it's great because I can drink as much & whatever I want and not have to worry about the tab, Jeff how ever will not really take advantage of it because he doesn't drink. If they have coke then he's "good".

We went to Jamaica about four years ago and really enjoyed it- I think the fact that everyone spoke English factored into our enjoyment of our trip but I know high on Jeff's lists of favorite things was the high tea every afternoon around 3:30-4:00 PM. No matter what we were doing we had to drop everything and go to tea. They served these little fruit tarts and pastries that he simply went nuts over. I can only hope that this hotel we are going to does the same or else I am in *deep* doo doo...

The first 15 years we were married we never went anywhere alone like this- our kids were young and we lived about 5-6 hrs. away from the closest family. We took the kids on a couple of trips to the Dominican Republic but this year we decided we wanted/needed alone time. Plus we both turned 50 this year and celebrated our 25th anniversary.

Twenty five years... wow... when you add on the number of years we dated then it is 33... that's a lifetime...unfortunately I don't look the same as I did all those years ago, but I like to think that Jeff loves me more than for just my bod...

So ta ta for now...see ya next week... I'll think of you... ok no I won't- I'll be soaking up sunshine with a drink in hand....

yeah mon.. no problem ;)


  1. I am SO FREAKING excited for you! I hope you have the bestest time in the world.

    Relax, have fun and have a drink for me! Hugs!

  2. ...and I must add you are every bit as beautiful today as you were in the old pic' - and I bet there is a whole lot more J loves you for than you bod! Although that isn't a bad thing after 33 years :)

    Have a wonderful time. I can't wait until you get back a regale us with your escapades.

  3. Adorable picture of you and your hubby back then. You and I are the same age and have been married the same length of time (roughly). Are you the only one among your friends who is still on her first husband? Must be partly because you're going away on an exotic, romantic, clothes-optional vacation.
    Have a great time. Looking forward to reading all about it!

  4. OHHH...I hope you have a wonderful time!! Vacations sans kids are a must have these days.

  5. Diane,
    It is amazing that so many of our friends & ...many of my kids friends parents are divorced...I believe communication is the key... that and continuing to flirt with each other thru the years... the little things, a note, a quick email that says I love you, a naughty text now & then :) trying to remember that before there was us and our three kids there was us.. Jeff & Barb :)