Tuesday, December 29, 2009

x-mas va kay

Christmas was very nice this year- everyone seemed to get everything they wanted- *for once*.... The piles weren't as big as previous years but then the price tags were bigger per item- hence the lack of quantity. But nevertheless.. all three kiddos seemed pretty pleased with their loot.

My husbands 2nd oldest sister and her hubby came for Christmas and stayed till Sun. they have just moved back to PA from Detroit. It was so nice having them for more than 24 hrs. we don't get to see them as often as we'd like. Now tomorrow his youngest sister and her hubby are flying in tomorrow for New Years- they are both a lot of fun as well so I am very happy they are coming. Then his oldest sister will drive in on Thurs.

I am hoping that we can get out to the movies to see Meryl Streeps new movie with Alec Baldwin & Steve Martin- It's Complicated it looks really cute.

I guess the best part about Christmas/New Years this year is simply having my hubby & kids all home. My house is not as clean as usual with the added people, but for me it is way better with them all home. The added bonus of having off til the 4th is very nice as well...

We aren't going out for New Year's- we haven't gone out on New Year's eve for the past 20+ years... it seems like it is amateur night... people who do not usually drink go out, drink too much then try & drive home...so what we do every year is get frozen shrimp and steam them and I'll have several a few drinks while hubby has a coke (he doesn't drink)... this year with added guests we'll make more food and maybe rent a movie or something... I am sure all three kids will be going out to celebrate with friends. Not quite sure what the weather will bring- they are hinting @ a storm coming through here Thurs/Fri/Sat. but I have been to the grocery store & BJ's and have plenty of food!

What is everyone having for New Year's day? We are making a PA Dutch tradition- roast pork, sauerkraut & mashed potatoes. You have that and supposedly have good luck in the upcoming year. Through the years it has been what we ALWAYS have and the kids have to taste all of it whether they like the sauerkraut or not- so they have good luck...

So what are you having? :)

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  1. Growing up in NE Ohio, we always had kielbasa and sauerkraut and mashed potatoes on New Year's Day. My poor sister, whose birthday is Jan. 1, didn't get to pick her own birthday dinner menu, like the rest of us did. I used to make Hoppin' John and beans and greens, for good luck (the greens are for financial good luck $$) but my husband got sick of that. This year, I'm back to kielbasa and sauerkraut.