Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Road trip!!!!!!

This weekend I am traveling to James Madison University to see #2 child Stefanie.
My oldest (Jenny) is coming along as well and is bringing a friend. The best part of this trip however is my sister in law Suzanne who we're picking up on the way from Dulles airport in D.C. (Suzanne is flying in from Atlanta).

This is going to be girls only weekend and we are going to have a BLAST!!! Suzanne is so much fun and has been loosely termed "mom's drinking buddy". OK... so we like our wine, and Cosmo's... we're both over 21 (obviously) we will be @ a college so we will fit in fine!

Originally we were going to go for the parents weekend- but I couldn't get tickets for the football game- Stefanie made the all girls cheer squad @ JMU so going to the game is a priority. Lucky for us that Stef is cheering b/c she will get two parent tickets... Suz and I will just have to pretend we are Stefanie's two really cool lesbian mom's! Stef is trying to get two student tickets for Jen and her friend... I figure if they can't- they can tailgate *shrug*

We will be nomads to a certain extent because I was unable to get a room for two consecutive nights so we will stay @ one place Fri. night and another Sat. Hopefully the beds are comfortable!

Each day I am receiving countdown from Stefanie.. "3 more days"!!! Which excites me, but at the same time makes me realize I have ALOT to do before we leave Fri. morning.

My mom is going to come and stay @ our house and take care of my pups Buffy & Cali. They are both yellow labs- Buffy is 5 and very laid back and Cali is 6 months and a pistol! Not quite Marley & Me caliber but a handful just the same. My mom is a good sport and I know she will really enjoy her time with them.

I have the maps all printed out for our route... have the confirmations for the rooms etc... so what else do I need?

Let's see... short list of necessary road trip items & Things To Do :
CLEAN OUT THE CAR (not something I particularly want to do but necessary just the same unless we all want to arrive @ JMU covered in yellow lab fur)
Get Drinks, Munchies (what is a road trip without munchies?)
Bring wine + opener (learned that lesson long ago- have to actually bring the wine opener to drink the wine)
Pack clothes/shoes/toiletries
Go to bank and get $$$
Bring Camera- charge battery ahead of time so I can actually take pictures)
Bake Peanut butter cookies...(have to make them they are Stef's favorite)
Bring MAP!!!!(Yes I have a GPS but with my luck it would break mid trip)

The route looks pretty easy to get there except for having to drive around D.C. which on a Fri. morning could be a mad house. We are scheduled to pick Suz up @ around 11:30. One thing I KNOW I will not do is let Suz be our navigator- she and her sisters ALWAYS get lost when they take road trips! Thank God I have GPS...


  1. Sounds like a fun, fun trip. I only have two suggestions: Don't clean out the car before the trip. Wait until after and you'll get a bigger sense of satisfaction because it will be filthy, just filthy.
    And add Twizzlers to your food stash.
    Have fun! Drive safely!

  2. Hey! Email me - we are minutes from Dulles Airport and if you all get in a fix I will give you my phone number [in the email] and you can call and we can help [directions/car problems - heaven forbid] but better to have someone in town [near Dulles] would be nice, I think? And Pooldad is awesome at directions :)

    Sounds very exciting - I can't wait until we get to do this with our next one...she leaves next year. The older ones are out already, so we have had a dry spell :)