Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Why is it that most kids think their parents are dumb?

Jeff & I are both college graduates, and are both professionals- he is CFO for a local company and I am a speech therapist. I thought the natural progression was that as our children(ages 21, 18, and almost 16) got older they would suddenly see the error of their ways (in regards to their perception of said parents) and we would miraculously become wise and worthy of listening to...

Yeah that isn't happening here...

So I guess the question is- at what age do our parents seem smart?

After we got married and I became pregnant I can remember thinking how smart my mom was- Man she knew it all when it came to pregnancy and the symptoms you had... and once the baby came- she was a pro... changing diapers, burping the baby etc... I had such great respect for her...

** sidenote**Not that I am proposing that ANY of my kids propagate any time in the near future- (hold off at least five  eight yrs. Jenny)

But it would be nice if once in a while our kids recognized that their mom & dad are pretty  cool intelligent people.

I think deep down they do believe this, but are silently taunting us by with holding their awe of how wonderful Jeff & I actually are.

It is a given that when it comes to anything financial or sports related- their dad is the go to guy- he is very knowledgeable about finance/$$ and has participated in sports his whole life. He is a great guy and an excellent father- and will be there for them no matter what.

So what is it about me that they secretly think is fabulous?

*silence with the exception of the sound of crickets*

OK- I've got maybe my warped sense of humor????

So I asked my oldest (Jenny)..."what is it about me that you think is smart or really cool?"

Her response (after a long pause I might add)
"I guess your writing...(she just started reading my blog-and she likes it except that she thinks I should write about her and not her sister who is away @ school). (can you say sibling rivalry much?)

So all of this got me to thinking.... what am I good at? Which led to the conception of:

Barb's list of things she is good at
1. I have been told(multiple times) I have a nice singing voice.
2. I am good with computers, and most electronics.
3. I am a pretty good cook. (ok, ok yes I do tend to burn things at times but that is because I get involved in other things and forget I have stuff in the oven)
4. I am good @ gardening- flowers etc.
5. I am really good at proof-reading my kids school papers.
6. I am good @ my job.
7. If motivated... I am very good @ cleaning (I'm just not that motivated anymore).
8. I am good with animals. (except for snakes.. I don't "do" snakes.. trust me this is non negotiable)
9. I can hold my liquor pretty well.
10. I have a decent sense of color and can make a home "homey".
11. I am a good swimmer.
12. I have become (over the years) better at saving $$.
13. I am good @ procrastinating..(what do ya mean that's not a good thing?)
14. I am usually always on time.
15. I can be am very organized.
16. I am a fast reader.
17. I am good @ Wheel of Fortune and would probably make a ton of $$ if I ever went on the show.
18. I have a warped sense of humor. (yes this is a good thing)

So all this self reflection also made me think...

Barb's list of things she is not so good at or needs to improve:
1. Losing weight- I know what to do but don't do it. (didn't I say in a previous blog that menopause was the excuse reason for this?)
2. I forget things a lot.(it's that whole hitting 50/menopause thing)
3. I am not always the most patient person...(especially if service is bad)
4. I am not a bad driver, but am not a great driver either.
5. I don't do snakes... EVER.
6. I am not very good at putting up Christmas lights on our tree- (luckily Jeff is awesome at this)!
7. I am the wrong person to take to an amusement park because I don't like most rides .
8. If I am wrong I always usually say I'm sorry.
9. I worry & over analyze stuff too much.
10. I get too emotional sometimes (I cry @ Hallmark commercials).
11. I am not good @ sewing.
12. I look stuff up on the internet when someone is sick and usually think the worst.
13. I tend to let things get cluttered around the house.
14. I don't clean out my refrig as often as I should.
15. I don't exercise regularly. (refer to #1)

I could probably come up with another 15 things I SUCK at but I don't think my ego could take it...

I think I need to concentrate on my good list and have some wine...


  1. Everyone should make a list like your first one - of things we're good at. And really think about it, take your time and think of all the little things that you do that are cool. There are many and we don't appreciate them about ourselves. Barb, yours are all really great things! You are one cool person.

    I didn't read the list of things you need to improve. Nothing good can come from such a list.

  2. You left off "Mom toast" for things you are good at ;)

    I could write this list and the things I am bad at would substantially outweigh the things [I think] I am good at. But I might have to ask the kids. You know my 12 year old hasn't gone over to the dark side so I will get a huge list out of her [even if she has to make things up] but I can just imagine the 17 year old hemming and hawing over it. So no.

    And forget about calling the others at college or work. No way. Well, except "Lending money" - seems I am good at that! [kidding]