Thursday, October 22, 2009

where to go when you don't know where to go?

My hubby and I have decided to go away on a long weekend- (Thurs. through Monday) in early December.

If anyone has recently tried to plan a trip to the Carribean you are now feeling my pain. First off I now have probably every travel site known to man sending me "vacation deal" updates every day. Now these can be helpful because sometimes they suggest places I've never really thought about, but mostly they just confuse me more.

We have previously traveled to Cancun, the Dominican Republic (Punta Cana & La Romana) and Jamaica. We enjoyed all of our get aways. The problem this time is I can't decided where I want to go...

This past July was our 25th anniversay so we've decided to go away (without the kiddies). Now when you factor in adult only resorts- this cuts the choices way down. I mean why on earth would we want to go somewhere that has kids? The whole idea is to get away from it all- (including kids- I love mine but need time with just Jeff) and have some well deserved alone time.

So these days I find myself behind my pc with multiple windows up looking at various destinations- but then the cheapskate in me second guesses myself so I have to cross reference and check out the same hotels at various sites... (can you say obsessive compulsive?) 

The choices in front of me are somewhat intimidating... I don't think I am actually "cool" enough to go to some of these places! The couples pictured are all very attractive, slim, young-ish etc.. and well... we're 50 (enough said).Plus the thought of actually taking my lilly white bod  out in a swim suit in Dec. is not my idea of fun-

So  all that aside, I guess the main thing(s) I should look at include:
1. the price
2. the hotel reviews
3. is it all inclusive?
4. how long does it take to get there (yeah I'm not doing over 5 hrs. on a plane)

If you've been somewhere fabulous recently- drop me a line... I need the help!

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