Friday, October 2, 2009

Tonight my Stefanie comes home for the weekend from college with 2 or 3 friends.. # 3 is possibly going home to her own parents this weekend not that I care how many kids she brings- the more the merrier.... As soon as she comes thru the door I will no doubt start crying as I put a killer death grip hug on her.

Tonight life will be good.....

Tomorrow she is taking her friends to our local mall in King of Prussia (we are outside of Philly)... these girls are all from small towns in Virginia where malls are only one floor *gasp* they are so excited to go to KOP it is unreal. For those of you who have never heard of King of Prussia- it used to be one of the largest malls in the US prior to Mall of America. It really is a nice mall and I take it for granted....

I have the requisite items already purchased as per her request "food mom, we need food" for her to take back to school... and am making her favorites for dinner Sat. night.

My cleaning lady comes today (please Rosalba do not cancel today) so the house should look pretty good... ok... yes I have a cleaning lady- I work full time and she comes 2x month- and I do clean in between her visits....not that I have to justify that to anyone- best $ I spend 2x a month!

Stefanie went home with her roommate last weekend and met her family and said her home was absolutely gorgeous... she told me their house looked like a model home for a new development... no clutter anywhere, etc... she said her roommates parents were very nice, stricter (OMG how is that possible) that we are and seemed a little...hmmmm uptight...aka prim & proper. She told me she prepared her friends for coming home to our house.

At first I was like.. umm what do you mean by that??? She said she told her roomie that our house & family were NOTHING like hers...
First- the house will be (relatively) clean, but there will be areas of clutter... Second- her mother has been know to swear (gasp) on occasion...
Third- her mother does on occasion drink (holy mother of God).
Fourth- they can all expect to be given a nickname- we nickname all of the kids good friends... some previous nicknames include: bubblebutt, piglet #2, diva... you get the idea.

Evidently her roomies father did not whole heartedly approve of my daughter (wtf is your problem buddy?)
It seems that he took exception to a poster Stefanie had in their dorm room.. it is titled "Big Shots on Campus.. what I really learned in college" the pictures below are of various kinds of shots and includes the recipe to make each.

He found the poster highly inappropriate. Stefanie told her (in private) ummmm my parents have that poster matted/framed and behind our bar in our basement. Luckily Natalie thought that was "cool".

So I guess the girls will be "slumming it" this weekend... :)


  1. Do NOT make apology-noises about having a cleaning lady. I repeat DO NOT! You work full time and clean in between her visits? You should be kissing your own feet.

    How funny about the poster, the dad's reaction, and your daughter telling her roommate that you have it matted and framed behind your bar at home!

    Congratulations. You are the "cool parent" everyone strives to be.

    Love your blog!

  2. I am now in love with you Diane... *L* my first follower!
    Did I before mention that I lived in West Middlesex for 10 yrs. right over the line from Hubbard? How funny- wish we had met back then!
    Thanks for your kind words- we have a mutual admiration thing going here :)