Tuesday, June 2, 2009

dancing my happy dance!!!!!

God has heard my prayers......

I absolutely LOVE Ebay..... I found 2 bottles of my perfume!!!!

They are en route as we speak from a vendor in Georgia & once I receive them if they are what they say they are (and they better be or I will be uber pissed...) then I will order the other 4 bottles they have (God willing that they are still there).

I have temporarily been reduced to my fallback perfumes (Channel No. 5 & Celine Dion) but I am just not feeling them... *shrug* what can I say- my Fendi is distinctive on me.

So at least this has bought me some time to find a "new" perfume....

So in looking around through Ebay I was struck by the diversity of things people are selling on there. It made me stop and think... and look around my house.... hmmm is there anything I could sell here. What is the old saying one man's junk is another man's treasure or something dumb like that?

I mean my girls clothing alone.. could rack up big bucks...I need to really take a look at stuff we have laying around here... :)

I am a woman on a mission! Nothing is gonna be safe :)