Friday, December 23, 2011

Vegas recap

It has been a busy Dec. as I am sure most can commiserate with... but I have finally gotten a bit of time to put up some pics from Las Vegas. We had a wonderful time and I pretty much broke even gambling... Jeff says I actually came out ahead because I didn't have to pay for one drink the entire time we were there. :D

We took an afternoon and drove through Red Rock Canyon- it was absolutely gorgeous!
Beautiful country!

Neat red line of rock through the middle of that mountain- our Geology major cheergirlie explained that the rocks were exposed to higher oxygen levels when this part of the mountain was formed which produced the reddish color of the rocks. (I think I got that right?!) 

My handsome hubby!

Still going strong after 27 yrs...but man my hair is a wreck- YIKES!

A wonderful trip together!