Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Think Spring!

This week the temps are supposed to moderate and we might actually hit 60-65 this Friday! Yay!!

It will be short lived and we will be back to the 40's next week.... BOO!

I am ready for spring...

I am tired of the gray, brown ugliness that is the landscape these days.

I am ready for my world to turn green again... ready for the first signs of spring.

I am looking forward to getting my yard cleaned up, planting some flowers, starting a vegetable garden (oh how I long for fresh grown tomatoes!)

I want to get all the covers off of the lawn furniture, off of the pool, to be able to sit outside in the sun and feel the warmth. 

With the coming of spring also comes the knowledge that summer is around the corner and I can hang out here:
                                            this is my little slice of heaven @ home- our pool :)

That groundhog better be right! :D

Saturday, February 5, 2011

My 5 things

Skippy over @ I Make Soap  tagged me to answer "5 Things You Couldn't Leave the House Without."

I got to thinking about it and in some ways  my first one is kind of a cheat- because #1 is my purse.
I say it's a cheat b/c within my purse is the following: my wallet, my checkbook, my make up bag,  change purse, pencils, pens, hand lotion, a flash drive, tissues, aspirin and assorted coupons.I used to have a JMU button in my purse, but took it out a few weeks ago when I was cleaning out my purse!

#2 is my cell phone- I don't remember what life was like before my cell phone...

#3 are my glasses- I have to take them these days because without them I can't read anything...

#4 are my sunglasses- I have a condition called Addy's pupil which is one of my pupils stays dilated so I HAVE to wear sunglasses outside

#5 would have to be my keys... on my keyring are house keys- car keys and work keys... all kinda important :)

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