Wednesday, April 25, 2012


So tonight is my final weigh in for the month.... this month my quota to lose was 5.25 lbs.- Same as last month.... my first month I had to lose 8 lbs... to date all total I am down 21.5 lbs. which means tonight all I need to lose is .25 lb. no big deal right?!

Unfortunately this past weekend we had a family wedding-outside of Atlanta. All of our family stayed in a 6,000 sq. ft. cabin which was absolutely beautiful! It was great seeing all of our family and being together!  My family had not seen me since I had lost the weight so they were all very complimentary- said I looked great etc. which was nice, but let me tell you- it was stressful.

The wedding went great after a few minor problems, the bride & groom(our nephew) looked happy & in love- all in all it was great! With one exception...

It was a dieter's form of hell on earth...

First off we were so busy helping with "wedding" stuff that most days we ended up eating only breakfast & dinner. The breakfasts I had a handle on, but the dinners... *sigh* all buffets....with "traditional" southern cuisine.... including fried chicken, mashed potatoes, macaroni & cheese, ham, grits, scalloped vegetables, rolls, chicken wings, fried jalapeno poppers, fried okra, peach cobbler.... you get the idea.

I did not drink any alcohol the entire weekend... no wine, mixed drinks etc... I had a small piece of wedding cake Sat. night but other than that did not cheat- AT ALL.  This in and of itself was a major accomplishment for me!
However there was no way to know any calorie counts etc. and there were times that there was very little for me to choose from. I ate as much salad as I could, ate lots of green beans, boiled collard greens... only ate the egg portion of a quiche- no crust... drank as much water as I could given the circumstances. 
My SIL said she gained 4-5 lbs. over the long weekend. I got home and yesterday morning was up a half lb. from last week. :(  That meant from yesterday til tonight I HAVE to lose .75 lbs. or I am kicked out of the diet group. 

Yes I said kicked out.

I have to say my hubby was an absolute saint- each time we hit another buffet he would say "OK what are we eating"? and he would eat only what I ate! What a trooper! The only exceptions were when I made him try some of the hor'deurves the one night. He kept telling me all weekend what a great job I was doing and how proud he was of me for the choices I was making. It really meant a lot to me. 

Yesterday after school I put on hubby's old "sweat" top- one of those things you wear to try and sweat off the lbs. - and mowed the lawn for an hour with our push mower. I cut all my food intake yesterday and today to lean protein and basically just salad. 

I have done everything I possibly can to "make" my weight requirement. After school I am going for an hour walk with the rubber shirt on again. But I don't know if it will be enough.

All I do know is that in or out- I am not stopping with this weight loss trek of mine. I would love to be able to still be a part of the group and meet with the other women and support each other, but if it is not meant to be then I will go it alone. 

I will post some pics tomorrow and let you know if I make it.

I lost 2.5 lbs! So I am safe for another month! Here is me & hubby before the wedding :)