Monday, May 28, 2012

Wedding day

She did it! My oldest is a married lady....
The day was wonderful- it went off with no problems- everyone had a wonderful time!
I had a mini meltdown the morning of the wedding because in looking for a pair of earrings I happened upon a baby dress that jenny wore as a newborn, but God must've had a hand in this because we pressed the dress and incorporated it into the wedding pics.
I cried- it was an emotional day, but my baby looked so beautiful and so HAPPY!
I don't have any pic's of me yet... but will post them as I get them!
See how happy she was for yourself...
Jenny & Mike

Cheergirlie(Stefanie) & Allie (my BF's daughter)

Father-daughter dance

Allie & Jenny

Jenny & Jennie(My BF's other daughter)

Friday, May 25, 2012

Losing it

The wedding is Sunday.

I cannot believe it...

My baby is getting married...

There are no words...

It is just hitting me and I am a mess...

Monday, May 21, 2012

Bridal shower

Saturday was Jenny's bridal shower/luncheon... it was a lovely day and we all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves! Wonderful food, good friends and a happy bride to be!!!

We were missing a few key people, namely Cara (the sick bridesmaid)
and her Aunt Suzanne who couldn't get a flight
but they were certainly there in spirit!!! :)

Her bridesmaids whisked her off to Atlantic City afterward for her bachelorette party... 
We won't be including any of those pics!!! ;)

 Bridal cupcakes

Jenny & her bridesmaids minus 1 who had the flu :(

 Naughty girls!

Me & my bestie

   I love these ladies so much!! My girls & my mom <3


    More Paige (Stein) girls

  The cabin q ties

 The bride to be

Friday, May 18, 2012


Wed. night was my weekly weigh in and I've reached a milestone....

wait for it....


I am down 25 1/4 lbs!!!!!!!!!

I can barely believe it.

When I pulled into the garage last night there was a sign on the door which read "Mommy we are so proud of you!! Way to go!! Down 25 1/4!!!! (would've put a pic up but my dumb camera on my phone is not working)

People have been noticing- and commenting- which is really nice :)

I need to lose another 1 1/2 lbs. to "stay" in the group- but have 2 weeks til my final weigh in for the month...

Sounds like a piece of cake right??!

I also have my oldest daughter's bridal shower this Sat. and then her wedding (my God I can hardly believe it) on Sunday the 27th!   
So this will be a challenge.

I began * jogging (*a term I use loosely b/c it is more of a shuffle) about a week ago and have gone 5x so far... a distance of 1.1 mi. each time (don't judge me I have an AARP card).

I actually have to go out this afternoon and buy some new bras b/c the ones I am wearing are not "doing it" for the girls... no great loss b/c I was overly endowed to begin with so this is a GOOD thing!

Cheergirlie cleaned out my closet for me...(yes I paid her)- it took her five hours! She went through everything and made "executive" decisions and pulled all the clothes out that she knew either won't fit me anymore- or as she says "I shouldn't be wearing even if they DO fit" - all of it is going to Goodwill. 
So this is SERIOUS.. 

For the first time in my adult life I am "all in".... 

I cannot gain the weight back because I am going to be minus two big trash bags worth of clothes.