Monday, May 21, 2012

Bridal shower

Saturday was Jenny's bridal shower/luncheon... it was a lovely day and we all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves! Wonderful food, good friends and a happy bride to be!!!

We were missing a few key people, namely Cara (the sick bridesmaid)
and her Aunt Suzanne who couldn't get a flight
but they were certainly there in spirit!!! :)

Her bridesmaids whisked her off to Atlantic City afterward for her bachelorette party... 
We won't be including any of those pics!!! ;)

 Bridal cupcakes

Jenny & her bridesmaids minus 1 who had the flu :(

 Naughty girls!

Me & my bestie

   I love these ladies so much!! My girls & my mom <3


    More Paige (Stein) girls

  The cabin q ties

 The bride to be

1 comment:

  1. They all look so lovely. What a wonderful smile on the bride to be. She must be so excited.

    I swear DM#1 you look AMAZING. I am not just saying that. You could pass for Paige's sister. My gawd woman - we should all look so good. That is such a pretty dress. It shows off your figure beautifully. Could you share where you bought it. I would like to look too! :)

    Is the wedding next weekend? [Sorry I can't remember. eek!] I know you will be busy, but we would love to see all the pics' after the fact if you get a chance. I am dyiiiiing to see the gown and you in the gorgeous dress you bought. How much did you have to have it taken in, btw?

    Hugs to you! Give my best to the happy couple.