Friday, May 25, 2012

Losing it

The wedding is Sunday.

I cannot believe it...

My baby is getting married...

There are no words...

It is just hitting me and I am a mess...


  1. Come on Duke Momma - hold it together. ::sniff, sniff:: I know it is hard ::sniff, choke:: But I know you can do it!


    There. I had a good cry with you. giggle I know you and you will smile it through it all with your hankies close at hand. That's what loving Mommas do. I am sure it will be lovely and the old adage holds true - you aren't losing a daughter, your gaining a son. And think of all the grandchildren ::big grin:: [I mean, if they choose to have kids, y'know.]

    Have fun. I expect a full report next week. And you know I want a pic of you looking gorgeous!

  2. Another milestone in being a parent. I am having trouble just believing that my first baby is now old enough to drink and vote and have a credit card (heaven forbid)

    Looking forward to hearing about how wonderful the day ends up being