Wednesday, February 24, 2010

nothing like getting felt up by a machine

Went for my annual mammogram today... I missed last year and took shit from my doc & hubby so I scheduled it and went in this afternoon & had my boobs smashed...

Luckily the place I go to has a very nice woman who actually has the perfect personality for a mammo tech... It's embarrassing enough to stand there exposed... if you had a tech who was a bitch it would really be a sucky experience.

My tech.. Rose was very nice and kept up a running commentary during the entire process- I guess to help me feel more comfortable...she was awesome. She was the same one who did my last mammo 2 yrs. ago.  Why is it that those rooms and the machines are always freezing? I got to thinking about it and it must get kinda boring looking @ boobs all the past they always used these little sticky things that they put on your nipples... but this time they didn't (thank God). I've always kind of wondered why they even bother giving you a gown... as soon as you get in the room you have to slip half of it off so they can smash one side in the machine...

In any case... if you haven't scheduled your mammo... DO SO... it doesn't take that long & it could save your life. :)

Sunday, February 21, 2010


This past weekend hubby and I watched the olympics- in particular- curling.

At first look admittedly it looks like a totally stupid sport- kinda like boccie on ice, but the more you watch it the more interesting it becomes.

We caught the US vs. Great Britain (Scotland in particular)- these women take this seriously! The announcers were discussing a problem that has been happening- it seems that curling spectators are supposed to conduct themselves in a similar fashion to golf spectators.. and it seems they have not been...and this has upset some of the competitors because they say all the noise is breaking their concentration.  Many of the spectators are REALLY getting into it and have been very vocal, even bringing bells & air horns! We even saw the crowd doing the "wave" after one match! :)   (Gotta love their enthusiasm)

After watching curling we have  learned that it is one of the oldest of the winter sports- I guess it is just recently that it has gotten more TV exposure. But what I want to know... where do people in the US actually do it? I mean in our area the only winter sports you ever hear about are ice hockey, skiing & snowboarding. How do these individuals start curling?

I guess my real question is how does it qualify as a "sport"? It seems more like a game to me... goes to follow that we could totally add boccie to the summer Olympics....

Friday, February 19, 2010

texts from last night

It's Friday and another weekend is about to begin... YAY! :)                                                         
My daughter Stefanie found a new website that she has been using to add random status messages on her Face book. The site is called 

They only reason I figured out that it was from a web site was because of how weird some of the messages were. Evidently you can read through hundreds of text messages that people put on the site and some are really hysterical.  Warning.... most many of them are raunchy and inappropriate so if you do not like  that kind of stuff- don't look. 
My two favorite  clean ones are:

1. You don't know the meaning of what the f**** until you wake up naked and alone in someone's bed staring at a dead squirrel on their dresser.

2. My math teacher staples burger king applications to failed tests

So if you have nothing better  to do this weekend- check it out... I dare ya not to laugh!!!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Wake up call

This past weekend a 17 y/o student @ our high school was killed in a car accident. His passenger a 16 y/o is in critical condition with two broken legs and a punctured lung. It happened on Sunday afternoon and he lost control of the car on a back road and hit another car head on killing a young mother of 4- her husband was driving and sustained serious injuries as well. They do not believe there was any drinking, or drug use involved. It was simply an accident.

This has really hit my son because he knows both boys involved in the accident. He kept saying... it's surreal because it never happens to someone you know.

We actually drove on that road Sunday morning on our way to church, road conditions were not bad and the road was for the most part dry. So I assume that the young driver was driving too fast. The police said that the teenager lost control and went into the other cars lane, unfortunately due to the snow banks on either side of the road there was no where for the cars to go.

The kids here today @ school seem somewhat subdued- I believe this has been a wake up call for many of them.

My heart goes out to the families of all involved. You can't help but think, what if that had been my kid?  I talked with JJ about it because he gets frustrated with us critiquing his driving. (he has his learners permit) We actually had to tell him to slow down on that road that morning. While he drives I try and offer him input not only to what he is doing right/wrong but more importantly why I am telling him this. Just that morning I told him he needed to slow down because this particular road is a windy road with many curves and blind spots. I know he thought I was nagging, but after hearing about this accident and losing a friend I think he "gets it" a little better.

Jeff and I talked about it and he believes part of the problem is that many kids play computer/video games and "drive" in the games so they think that makes them a "better" driver when they actually get behind the wheel. I always have told my kids that no matter how careful they are, they need to drive defensively because maybe the "other" guy is not paying as close attention to the road as they are. It only takes an instant to change life forever. There are no do overs like a video game...

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Anticipation thy name is snow

I can hardly wait for this snow to finally arrive...

I don't mind snow- it's just that I am so sick of everyone talking about it... the kids couldn't focus today @ school and it is ALL anyone was talking about... will we have school?

We are scheduled to have a 4 day weekend this week... so the other hot topic was do you think we might have Thurs. off too? because that would mean a 6 day weekend!!!

I will be happy to snuggle in... turn the gas fireplace on... have a glass of wine and read a good book...

Stay warm!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Friend Makin' Monday!

Amber is hosting another round of Friend Makin' Monday! This week she is asking us about the Superbowl!

Did you watch the Super bowl?  Yes!

If so, who were you rooting for?  The Colts :(

Where did you watch it/not watch it? Our family room with hubby , JJ, Jenny & the pups.

What did you eat? Tortilla chips, guacamole, salsa, nacho cheese sauce

Favorite Superbowl commercial:

Budweiser:Fences don't come in between friends.

Least favorite: Coke: Simpsons

What did you think of the half time show? I didn't watch it.

Who do you wish would have been the half time show? Bruce Springstten- he did an awesome job before...
What about you? 
Join in!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

you are not invincible

I was REALLY upset last night.

Daughter #2 with her Dad last June before prom

 Daughter #2 called me at about 9:45 P.M. from college. As we were talking she sounded like she was breathing a little harder than normal so I asked her if she was coming down with something. The conversation went something like this:
Her- "No- No I'm fine... why?"
Me- "Well you sound out of breath"
Her- "oh, that's because I'm on my way to the gym to workout."
Me- "oh... who are you going with?"
Her-" oh by myself cuz my room mate is sick."
Me- "By yourself? Stefanie it is 9:50 P.M."
Her- "yeah well no one wanted to go, so I decided to walk by myself- I'm almost there."
Me- *agitated* "Are you out of your mind? Walking to the gym... ALONE... @ night."
Her- "It's ok it's really well lit."
*thinking but not saying... are you out of your f*cking mind?*
Me- "That is really not safe, you shouldn't be walking across campus alone @ night, do you have your whistle etc. with you?"
Her-" Mom I am fine...I have my keys if someone would try anything and I'm here- gotta go." *click*

I was beside myself upset...
For a smart girl she does some really dumb things sometimes. What is it with kids? They think they are invincible- it won't "happen" to them...and furthermore if all she has to protect herself is her keys... by the time they are close enough to grab her her keys will be no match for any guy. Stefanie wears like a size 1... she is thin- very fit, but no match if someone wants to hurt her.
She later sent me a text msg. saying she found a friend @ the gym and they were going to walk back together. I was still upset... so in the meantime till I heard back from her (AROUND MIDNIGHT) that she was safe in her dorm I informed her that along with the Valentines care package that in the next few days she would be receiving another package containing pepper spray which she can attach to her key chain- I even ordered the hot pink one so it would look "cute". She told me she couldn't believe I had ordered it. I made her swear to me that she would never- ever walk across campus alone at night again. She swore she would not-and she better not be lying to me.

I think I am going to develop an ulcer and gray hair...the gray will enhance the bags I will get from not sleeping...

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Millionaire Matchmaker

I love Millionaire Matchmaker. It is my guilty reality pleasure...

Patti rocks! Yes she is over the top... but she is honest and as she says "I get the job done."

The fact that people actually pay to get set up simply blows my mind- I watch  and am continually amazed. Just goes to show that money does not always buy you happiness or smarts for that matter.

You would think that these people would watch what they say considering that they will be on t.v., but no that doesn't seem to be in any  way a deterrent. One of my favorites last season was the woman who owned the salon and she and Patti were like oil & water... I am watching the rerun as we speak- this lady evidently comes back for more in a new episode later tonight.

I cannot wait!