Tuesday, October 26, 2010

pics from our vacation last July

beach near our hotel

northern coast of Maui

northern coast of Maui

northern coast of Maui/surfers

Our last night in Maui
I never got around to uploading our pics from Hawaii... so here are a few to get you over the hump Wed.! 

Friday, October 22, 2010

Jam packed weekend

So it is Friday afternoon and I have about 45 minutes till my weekend officially begins. As per usual I am headed to DE to see hubby , my son (QB1) & Tyreik for the weekend.

This weekend is going to be jam packed. Tonight my SIL & BIL fly up from Atlanta for the weekend and tomorrow my other SIL drives in as we have two football games to go to.

QB1 in action
#1 game starts @ 1:00 PM for my son (QB1)- this is a BIG game for his team, but unfortunately he is not 100% b/c he sprained his shoulder during last weeks game and was in a sling until Wed. Most likely he will not be able to throw much, but should be able to hand off. It sucks because last week there were 2 colleges there to see him and he ended up getting hurt :(

Cheergirlie in action
Then we have to drive 45 min. to be @ Villanova to see our daughter (cheergirlie) cheer for JMU. That should be a good game since Villa is ranked #1 (I think). Unfortunately she won't be able to stay around after the game and will have to drive back to school with her squad- but it will be great to see her for however long we can. Cheergirlie got kicked @ practice last Sun. night and had to get x-rayed to be sure she did not break her collar bone (she didn't) AND her knee is out of whack (think possible torn meniscus/surgery in her future???) She insists that she is fine, but she also sports an elbow sleeve & an ankle brace and is pretty much refusing to wear a brace on her knee for fear of looking like Bionic cheergirlie.

The "girls" doing what they do best- chillen'
Add to all of this packing up the two pups(+ their stuff) - bedding for our "company, some food to take with us and it rounds out the weekend nicely :)

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Ten Guilty Pleasures

I was trying to think about what to write and was stuck... I thought about trying the 30 days of Truth idea that I saw on Skippy's blog I Make Soap... but honestly I don't feel confortable sharing some of my own dirty laundry so to speak. So I came upon the idea for ten guilty pleasures and decided to take a whack at it. I should note that these are not ranked or in any particular order.

Ten Guilty Pleasures

1.  Any really high quality milk chocolate- hands down one of the best things if you are having a bad day.

2.  A lazy morning when you don't have to get out of bed and can just lie there and relax and cuddle with someone you love.

3.  Getting either a massage or pedicure (or both*)- there is nothing like a good massage/pedi to make yourself feel pampered.

4.  Playing hooky on a work day just because you need a "mental health" a.k.a. day off.

5.  Reading a good book, even though there is other stuff you should be doing.

6.  Going out to eat @ a really nice restaurant and getting dessert!

7.  Playing my games on Face book. I farm, I am conquering the wild frontier... you have a problem with that?

8.  Buying yourself a new outfit, pair of shoes, perfume- whatever it is that floats your boat.

9.  Time alone *sans kids* with my husband (preferably somewhere tropical)

10. Going out to breakfast and being able to take your time and not rush.

So what is your guilty pleasure?

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

D Day

Tonight I go to my very first boot camp class... oh boy oh boy!

Can you tell how pumped I am? 


I was doing so well up until late July early Aug. then I fell off the wagon so to speak... *sigh*

So today is my D Day of sorts... the boot camp is Tues./Thurs. nights and I am going to get back to working out with Paul on Wed. nights...   hopefully this time I will be more consistent...

We shall see....

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

the latest in fall accessories

Do you have the latest accessory for fall????


Oh I guess that means you are NOT a klutz like me... *sigh*

Sprained my ankle Sat. en route to my sons football game... I did however suck it up and stayed for the WHOLE game! (Impressed?)

As a sign of unity Cali was laying smack up against me... see her leg to the left of mine? 
However hers is unhurt...
mocking me....