Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas Blessings

I decided I'd better post today before things got too hectic with Christmas etc... I know I am such a disciplined blogger- posting on a regular schedule *HUGE EYE ROLL* 

Anyway, my guys come home tonight and I will have them home through New Years so I am jacked to say the least! Cheergirlie got home last Tues. so life has been good on the home front- and as of tonight... all my chicks will be home! :D

From left to right...Buffy, hubby, me. QB1, the newly engaged girl, Cali,  Ty & cheergirlie 

I am blessed to have all of these individuals in my life- both human & canine. They give my life meaning & value and I treasure them all!

I thank God that hubby & QB1 are both OK after they were each (separately) rear ended within a 3 day period since last Sat.. One car is OK- the other one *not so much* - but they are things & replaceable.

We have no specific plans for this Christmas other than to have family and friends with us and to enjoy time with one another- a commodity we do not have enough of these days.

My wish for you this holiday season is health, happiness,  and time with the ones you love.

Have a joyous Christmas and New Years!
Barb xo

Saturday, December 11, 2010


Last night our oldest, Jenny got engaged!!!

Her boyfriend- now fiance Mike proposed and gave her a beautiful ring!

the "rock"

She is ecstatic- it is so nice to see her so happy! :)  

so... now what?! 

I think I need a "how to" book right about now!

Any suggestions?

Friday, December 3, 2010

My baby boy turns 17

Today is QB1's 17th birthday...  
my baby... all 6'1" or so of him...

This past year has been a good year for him, he didn't have as great of a FB season as he may have liked but unfortunately that is in large part to the crap plays his coaches called. Unfortunately they are very "old school" and don't think that they need to change anything. I just think they have never had a really good QB and simply do not know how to call plays for a passing game effectively. But I'm just his mother... what do I know? ! 

Some changes from last year- this year QB1 has a steady girlfriend (who I like very much),

He is also now sharing his room etc with Ty...
QB1 & TY circa 2006

I have to say even though he tends to procrastinate about school work more than I'd like him to, QB1 is a pretty awesome kid...he really is...
He has matured a lot this past year and even though I do not get to spend as much time as I'd like with him, I am very proud of the man he is becoming. He has stayed true to himself throughout all of the changes he has been through the past two years and has made good choices. I know his dad thinks he needs to be more focused, but I think in his own way he is... he is just  very laid back- which is hard for his dad to understand.

It's both wonderful and horrible watching your kids grow up into adulthood.
Wonderful to see the great people they have become,
and horrible knowing that the time you have with them is becoming less and less as they move on with their own lives.

Because to me he will always be this little guy-
Cheer girlie & QB1

Happy birthday J- I love you more than you know.. xoxo