Friday, October 4, 2013

No I am not dead, just incredibly busy!

This summer the excuse was working on our cabin, which looks fabulous by the way (pics to come later)

Then school began and holey guacamole!

Instead of having grades 9 through 12 I now have grades 8 through 12!
27 new students added to my caseload! Talk about stressing & pulling your hair out.

I finally feel like I have a handle on things, but let me tell you. My days FLY by! I blink and it's lunchtime, I blink again and it's time to go home. Two days a week I go work out and them stagger home to "regular" chores etc.

I have tried to keep up with as many of my regular blogs as I can, but...

Anyways, I am going to try (key word) try to post at least once a week... if anyone is still listening


We shall see, have a great weekend all!